Monday, September 9, 2013


I am embarrassed to tell people in my life that I've done this because there is so much stigma that goes along with being a so-called "blogger".  I promise you, I don't think I'm that important or that my views are that interesting or noteworthy.  I just know that sometimes you need to know there's someone who feels the same out there, or someone you can connect with, and I am hoping this will do just that for all the regular girls just trying to figure shit out and wade through the neuroses our parents inflicted in us by telling us we could be whatever we wanted to be.  Also I want to help some people figure out what to wear when you're at this weird transition age when every other blog is super avant garde or super impractical.  I am not saying I know what to wear, in fact maybe the way you will learn what to wear from me is by not wearing anything I ever wear.  Maybe I won't ever post a single thing I wear at all!  Who knows.

I signed up for a STEM subject mentorship program through the Huffington Post but they didn't get back to me until six months after the projected program end date, and I think by then the mentee I was matched up with was too busy or no longer interested.  I just want to talk to people!

Now - who will be my Candy Crush mentor?  I mean Level 140 MUST be a joke... right?

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