Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Personalizing Tragedy

I'm sitting here at the bar/restaurant, this time with the company of a second Ketel club, and hear a lot of people talking about September 11th. I don't want to seem callous by not acknowledging it but the truth is no one cares where I was or what I was doing, and recounting how minimally I was affected (knowing people who passed, seeing the smoke etc) would really just be a waste of time when there are so many truly extraordinary stories out there of people who really had their lives changed by the tragedy. I don't fault anyone for feeling affected by it but I just think these anniversaries become more about other people telling their story of how their dad had a meeting at the WTC and just decided not to go or whatever else and I just don't think it's a respectful way of remembering and honoring those who died. This wasn't about you or how lucky you are to be alive. It was, and is, about the innocent people who were murdered and the incredible efforts by rescue workers who risked their lives to save them. 

I know everyone's story of where they were is important to them and I do not want to take away from that, but with the worldwide platforms social media and the Internet give us, I think it would be better to really think about what happened rather than focus on where, specifically, you were and how you can relate the tragedy to your own life. It wasn't about you, and it wasn't about me either. Most things aren't. Let's remember that. 

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