Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Schoolgirl Q

It's nice being back in the office.  I felt very out of the loop being out in the Middle of Nowhere the past two weeks.  Usually I get most of my news reading done in the morning with my coffee before everyone else comes in but on site, I'm not using a computer and reading a long article on a phone is incredibly annoying and tedious.  It's more boring here for sure but that's okay, I like changes of pace.

This past weekend was basically Murphy's Law exemplified, which is usually how I feel about my life in general but really this one was comically bad.  Between driving around for an hour in the East Village to find parking, to finally finding a spot when it starts to really rain, to finally getting to the venue when it starts to be a tsunami, to my friend getting mad at me for not wanting to stop for pizza at 4 AM before driving back closer to home, to the same friend insisting McDonald's was open (now 4:30) even though I looked it up and it said it closed at 11 PM, to ruining a pair of shoes with all the disgusting Meatpacking District sediment that found its way in via an enormous unavoidable puddle, everything went wrong.  Said friend is also now mad at me I imagine because she hasn't contacted me and I thought she was just drunk but maybe she is actually pissed.  I wish I was less of a baby about staying out super late, it kills my whole next day though.  I even forgot to take my gummy vitamins the next day, that's how out of it I was.  Being a morning person applies everyday unfortunately, meaning waking up at 7 even when I just went to bed at 5 the night before.  I'm probably just a loser though.

Shirt: Ralph Lauren Black Label // Dress: Theory //
Nails: Essie Saturday Disco Fever

I wasn't sure how I felt about this combo, in some ways it felt too schoolgirl-y due to the shortish length of the dress (ah, the perils of being tall!) but it was also a nice new way of wearing this dress rather than just the plain dress and cardigan combo I usually do.  This silk button down requires cufflinks so I just rolled the sleeves up.  I cannot figure out how those things work in less than 5 minutes so I usually just give up.  It's pretty similar to how I used to feel about sock buns actually.

Tonight I think I will be going out for Mexican food, so I will be sure to analyze the margarita I get and see if my margarita post needs any updating (doubtful).

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