Thursday, October 3, 2013

I am in literally (LITERALLY) the most boring training ever at the current moment.  How do they find the people to teach these things?  This guy is just basically talking to himself in monotone, mumbling and occasionally not knowing the answer to our very few and far between questions which leads to extended periods of silence.  I notice other people able to follow him and watch him but this is absolutely awful for me.  Is this a product of my Millennial upbringing, my constant ability to change the channel or open a new tab when I get bored?  My company paid $2,000 for this course and I'm sitting here playing Candy Crush and hitting refresh, praying Gawker has decided to publish a new post worth my reading.

I have been trying to eat better lately.  In school, I walked at least 2 miles a day at a fast pace and I was just generally very active.  I never realized how sedentary the working man's lifestyle is.  I spend 8 hours a day in my chair at my computer, 1 collective hour walking to and from the water fountain or to so-and-so's office and back, and then the rest of my time sitting in my car, followed by sitting on my bed.  As you can imagine, the pounds came on quickly.  My new lack of activity, coupled with a human vacuum for a boyfriend, has not been great for me.  I had started making these little single serving mug chocolate chip cookies but yesterday I realized they are around 500 calories (!!!!!) whereas two of my homemade cookies are only around 120.  It's crazy how the things we eat are deceptively so bad for us.  At my training they ordered us Red Robin for lunch yesterday so out of curiosity I looked up some calorie counts for their meals - a burger with cheese was over 1000 calories while a Big Mac is only 550.  What I got out of this is that I should be eating meals at McDonald's more.  The Crispy Chicken Salad was even more calories than the burger!  Oy.  I don't like sounding obsessive about my weight but I am obsessive about my money - if I have to buy all new clothes and can no longer fit into the stuff I already spent money on, I am gonna be pissed.  

I finally booked my November Vegas trip.  I am pretty nonplussed about it, I mean I am sure it will be fine but I just find it very hard to believe that spending exorbitant amounts on alcohol, sweating through the makeup you carefully applied for hours, feet screaming after being forced to withstand heels forever, being sized up like meat by bouncers, feeling inadequate compared to all the surgically enhanced strippers all the guys are ogling at the table next to you, and then the next day having to wear a damn bikini will be the, ahem, time of my life.  I really think the Vegas experience is ideal for the Instagram generation, where more fun is had by talking about it and captioning your pictures than actually living it.  Interesting lighting, cool looking settings, the gaudiness of everything making it easy to feign super wealth, the inherent assumption you'll be incredibly done up making you not look so out of place for trying so hard for your pics, these are what we value now.

Sweater: Kenneth Cole // Pants: J. Crew

Sweater: Tory Burch // Dress: Alice and Olivia // Belt: Wilfred (Aritzia)

Just some random work outfits I happened to take pictures of.  How do people get such good photos of the clothes they wear to work without having to resort to the embarrassment of asking someone to photograph you?  I'm still working on that.

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