Monday, October 7, 2013

Late Registration

I am really into the idea of doing some sort of Masters program in applied statistics, but how do people do this while working full time?  I feel like online learning isn't as helpful to me as real in-class learning but there's hardly any time to actually go to class and I don't want to stop working and do school again full time.  What's the deal?  Are online degrees through regular universities (regular meaning not for-profit designated although really, we know they're definitely for profit) considered the equivalent of their in-class alternatives or is there still a stigma attached?  That girl who raps about getting her degree in her pajamas has made me feel like maybe online learning is still considered the easy way out, especially given the frequency of those commercials during daytime episodes of The Price is Right and Teen Mom reruns, and unfortunately the costs are not proportionally lowered to match the lower prestige.  I want to make the right decision here, how do I start?!

I have been using MyFitnessPal to track my food intake, for people who now make my PERFECT margarita, I calculated it out and that bad boy is 170 calories.  Now this sounds like a lot but is pretty standard for a margarita, in fact it's even less than one you would get out made with sour mix or other more calorific alternatives, but that's not an insignificant portion of my daily calorie allotment going to a single drink. Triple Sec has less calories than Rose's Lime Juice, so adding a little extra Triple Sec and a little less Rose's (counting to 3 for Triple Sec and 2 for Rose's, say) and then making up the difference in lime taste with the juice of a fresh lime should bring down the calorie count by at least 15.  The Triple Sec is sweet so that compensates for the loss of the sweetness in the sweetened lime juice, and then the fresh lime (which I am assuming has barely any calories) brings the drink back from tasting too orange-y.  I am going to do this same counting out calories using ingredients for a lot of things I make, maybe I can cut out some hidden calories by lowering the portions of things I don't need.  My boyfriend has joined me and I took a glance at his, his daily calorie goal is 2500!  Oh what I wouldn't give to be a few inches taller and 190, I take that back although I do maintain it must be nice to just eat whatever you want and not worry.  This boy used to eat probably more than 4 packages of Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies a week.  He quit the cookies cold turkey and dropped 10 pounds.

Jacket: Zara // Long Sleeve Tee: J. Brand (here) // 
Jeans: J. Brand (non coated version here) // Shoes: Tory Burch

We had our power cut this weekend to finally replace the transformer that was ruined in Superstorm Sandy so my mom and I stayed in a hotel in NJ near the Franklin Mills outlet mall.  It was okay, the Neiman Marcus Last Call had a ton of stuff but not much of it really worked for me, and the Saks Off 5th was also full but it's just so hard to find the non Saks Fifth Ave brands in there.  Their house stuff is fine and all but if I am outlet shopping I probably want the serious stuff.  I am on the hunt for some low heels now, which is turning out the be surprisingly tough.  I think kitten heels are ugly but it seems the only other options are too high or just plain black pumps.  Really, the stripper shoe trend is done, can we please start making something else?

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