Friday, October 25, 2013

Some Curated Words

What's up with people "curating" stuff?  How come every department store promotional email I get mentions of collections curated by fashion editors and Theory's newest collection curated specifically for fall (I call bullshit, Theory just makes the same thing every year.  This isn't a criticism; I love them for it) and advice on how to curate your closet (an article that talked about cost per wear and nothing else)?  Is my friend's Instagram really curated around the things that best represent her when every picture is of her dinner or something she bought?  How about my friend's mom's Pinterest that has 4,600 curated pins of things she really, really loves?

You're not curating shit.  "Curating" implies that you're putting time and effort into choosing things that are meaningful not damn pictures of useless shit with the Kelvin filter on them to go on your Instagram.  Is this site a curated collection of my thoughts?  Of course not, it's nonsense.  To use a word most typically used to describe the pieces in exhibitions at a museum instead to announce Neiman's throwing together a bunch of dark colored clothing is absurd.  It's even more ridiculous and narcissistic to talk about curating your own meaningless crap.  My closet isn't "curated" I just buy things and keep them until I get rid of them and I can be honest with myself about the fact that this is really a trivial activity and not at all akin to a museum director trying to decide which famous works of art should go in the new "Fat Babies" wing at the Met.

I'm moody today.

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