Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Whiny Worker, now with Pumpkin Whoopie Pies!

My boss spoke to me privately yesterday and let me know it isn't me, and no one thinks it's me.  He told me it was totally my prerogative to move and that if I wanted to stay in my spot he would have no problem telling this guy next to me to just not open the window and be cognizant of the fact that just because he sits next to the window doesn't mean the window and blinds are exclusively in his domain.

The guy came in this morning and the first thing he did was open the window without saying a word.  I am the kind of person who gets disproportionately annoyed when I feel an injustice is being done so I find it infuriating that this guy will simply be allowed to win and be able to continue being a jerk with no repercussions.  It's times like these that I feel acutely aware of my gender at work because I know that if a man were to complain, it would be seen very differently.  Women are seen as whiny and nagging by nature and so I feel like my complaints aren't taken seriously.  This guy is incredibly old fashioned and I can just imagine him joking that I must have my period when I complain.

I am going to move.  I will take the high road and really it's a blessing to be away from him, I just don't want him to think he got one over on me and I know he will make some joke about "Finally got too bright/cold over here for ya?" to me and it will take every ounce of power I have to not flip out and be a caustic bitch to him.  I don't like being disrespected when I go so far out of my way to respect others.

I made pumpkin whoopie pies to bring in today and didn't offer him any; this is my passive aggressive "SCREW YOU" to the man who was too childish to talk to a 25 year old girl like an adult and instead ran to teacher to ask them to fix it.

I forgot to take a picture of the top layer, they were much neater looking.  Personally, I hate pumpkin.  I was honestly gagging while I mixed the batter for the cookie portion of these.  While I can appreciate that they are good, I can't say that they transcend my dislike for pumpkin.  The filling though, oh my GOD the filling!  I ate it with a spoon shamelessly.  It's a cream cheese filling with just a barely perceptible amount of maple syrup and it's just amazing.

My project manager asked me why I haven't brought anything pumpkin in so I decided to try it out for him.  I used to bake lots of different things but I think that it became too daunting to try and find a recipe so I just stopped and stuck with the same old things; looking on Tastespotting once gave me great ideas but then it just became inspiration overload and those stupid baking contests people did would occupy pages of space with the same exact item.  It was frustrating and I was tired of looking at pictures and reading text accompanying them that doesn't even mention whether or not the item is good!

These are from Brown Eyed Baker, recipe here.  

Brown Eyed Baker is one of my favorite baking blogs and she has very consistently good recipes.  The cookies here came out incredibly moist and very springy and the filling was a great consistency.  While you ate them, they were soft but not crumbly which is a pet peeve of mine in a lot of baked goods.  I probably didn't cook them quite long enough and my photography certainly isn't as good as hers, but these look great and are easy enough to make and if I am ever inspired to make something I don't like again I am sure I won't search for another recipe.

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