Monday, October 28, 2013

Whiny Worker

In general, I try to be a pretty easy going person.  I fail at times, and I'm sure my boyfriend would even say a lot of the time, but I do always try to always take other people's feelings into consideration when I make decisions and I also try to go along with what other people want to do.  Well, unless what they want to do it watch baseball all day, but that's another story.

As a result of this, I am particularly bothered by people who are exceptionally inconsiderate.  It's so easy to just not be a selfish dick, why can't everyone just not be a selfish dick?

I sit in a cubicle of four people.  We each face a corner, and my corner is facing the hallway.  The guy who sits next to me sits facing his corner, which is facing a window.  Since the blinds are next to him he considers himself to have control over them.  Every morning I come in and close the blinds because the sun shines directly onto my computer.  Every morning he comes in and opens them and I have to ask that he close them.  Every morning.

I'm not sure when his new ritual started, but his idea of being "considerate" to me is, around 10 AM, starting to open the blinds, millimeter by millimeter, asking me after each infinitesimal change, "Is that okay, Megan?"

I have showed him many times that pulling the blinds up halfway while keeping the top part closed is much better for me and still brings in light.  He still insists on asking me every single fucking time, because he says he doesn't notice any change.

He has told me to eat more carrots, he has told me to get my vision checked, he has asked me if I wear sunglasses outside (uh, YES.  You're supposed to).  He has marginalized my feelings and made me feel crazy for this request every time I've had to make it.  He still insists on trying everyday.

I like where I sit.  I am close to the center of the building where most of the women sit, and I'm far enough from the cafeteria area that I am not bothered by the sound of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" and the men groaning about how great that 16 year old starlet looked in the latest episode of their favorite show.

Today when my boss came in, he asked to speak privately to a coworker of mine who works in the big cubicle next to me, closer to the cafeteria.  When they came out of the conference room, my boss told me that I was going to be switching desks with this other guy.  I was not asked for my opinion, I was told.  I asked if it was because the guy next to me complained, and my boss gave me an elusive answer.  Later on one of my current cubicle-mates told me he heard this guy I sit next to telling my boss how unacceptable my demands are.

I am a crier.  I cry over basically everything, and once I start the floodgates are opened and I can barely stop.  Naturally, this made me cry.  It's embarrassing because I wasn't even that upset by it but I was frustrated and annoyed and hey, those emotions make me cry too.  Why do I have to move because this guy is too much of a baby to compromise on anything, and insists on going over my head to complain about me?  I have to suffer, go through the annoyance of transferring all the items from my desk and my drawers and setting up my dock and monitors again just because this guy can't just be a reasonable fucking human being?

I am pissed.

I also feel that this reflects poorly on me because, since I am moving, it gives the appearance that I am the one who complained, even though I didn't.  It makes me seem like the whiny high maintenance one, and that, coupled with being the only woman in the group, makes me feel self conscious.  I don't want to just be the whiny little girl, but I feel disrespected that no one spoke to me about this.  I am NOT the unreasonable one here.

Now I have two options - move and give the appearance of having complained and being difficult, or don't move and actually complain and be difficult.  I'm not sure I come out even in either situation here, while the guy who is objectively an absolute dick gets to enjoy the satisfaction of having forced me to move, and gets to blind a new officemate with glare daily.  I hope for his sake this new officemate is less outspoken than I am, or at least eats a hell of a lot more carrots.

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