Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cakes and Coats

This past weekend I made a cinnamon roll cake with cream cheese frosting.  Honestly, I didn't love it.  I like RICH, DECADENT, CHOCOLATE DESSERTS and even though the cream cheese frosting and cake were delicious, I felt like overall it was a bit too bland for my tastes.  My mother, however, loved it so much she gave it all away the next day so she wouldn't be stuck taking tiny little slivers a few times a day, reassuring herself that it was just a little bite, not a big deal.  My mom found the recipe for this cake and sent it to me: from Mother Thyme, here.

Well, I'm not a good photographer and apparently not a good cake-cutter either. 
I highly recommend checking out Mother Thyme's much better photo for reference of how good it could look if you, like, can function as an adult and cut a damn cake.

I have never made anything else from Mother Thyme so I can't comment on that but if you're really into cinnamon rolls, I bet you would like this a lot.  It was super simple to make and only required an electric mixer for the frosting, so also minimal mid-baking cleanup!  I hate when I have to use the mixer for a number of different portions of the dessert, cleaning that bowl before I've had time to properly eat all that remains in it feels like such a waste.  Also, it makes only an eight inch cake which is actually great for bringing to potlucks or dinner parties when tons of people will be bringing other things.  It's big enough to give everyone a taste but not so big that the host is then left with it in their fridge until they finally finish the other leftovers and find it back there.

It's coat season again!  For Christmas last year I got a beautiful Burberry Brit trench coat that had a black wool body and black leather sleeves.  It was amazing, and I loved it.

Here is a really minimally useful picture of me wearing it.

In the beginning of February, I was out with a friend for her birthday and it was mostly an uneventful evening.  I hung my lovely coat on the hook under the bar right next to where we were sitting and noticed nothing awry when we left later on.  The next morning I awoke to a scene straight out of a horror film - the leather sleeve was slashed open from shoulder to elbow.

*scream face emoji*

I gasped at the gruesome display and freaked out wondering if Nordstrom would help me out with this (of course they did, they always do, love Nordstrom and especially love their customer service #Nordstrom #loveyou).

By now, February, all the winter coats were gone and stores were showing damn bathing suits already.  The Nordstrom SA informed me they didn't have a single other one of this coat in any size left in the country.  Sad and disheartened, I walked over to the Burberry Brit section to see what stragglers were left.  This age-old quilted coats were there but they weren't what I wanted.  The new spring rain jackets and military style canvas coats were out but they just didn't fit the criteria.  On the clearance rack I happened upon a navy wool peacoat in my size, for $400 less than the MSRP.  Was it a sign?  Of course (just kidding nothing is ever about me and it was pure luck).  I got that as a replacement and have been a happy camper since.  The coat itself is classic and lovely, plenty warm with lots of nice little details, and the navy goes with pretty much everything especially since I am such a fan of mixing navy and black.

Weirdly blurry?

Not blurry but weird face and pose...I can't win.

I've never had a nice winter coat before.  My knee-length North Face parka is great for walking to class in the snow and incredibly warm but I couldn't really wear it to occasions when I was valuing aesthetics anywhere near as much as comfort and warmth.  I usually took to wearing leather jackets all winter, earning disapproving looks from my mother as I bundled up with scarves and gloves and still froze my ass off every time (and never learned my lesson).  A nice black peacoat I got from TJ Maxx was nice but impractically short as it was barely hip length and even though it felt very heavy it really wasn't so great at making me feel warm.  Other coats I acquired I liked for a year but was sick of by next winter.

I was so relieved to put on this coat yesterday morning and still say "wow" about how it looked and fit and felt.  Although it was expensive, I think it is something I will have and be using for years to come.  What kind of coats are ones that everyone should have?  We wear one everyday from November through mid-March pretty much, which others should I add now that I have the basic staple down pat?

Shirt: Max Mara // Pants: Theory 'Nabiki' // Shoes: Tory Burch Reva

A friend of mine gave me this necklace for my birthday.  She's wonderful and I don't see her as much as I should and I was grateful because she's a great accessorizer and I am just terrible at it.  I don't know if this boat neck top was the right neckline for the necklace but I went with it anyway.  

This necklace-neckline guide from Charming Charlie is great but I am totally lost if I have something that doesn't fit in one of those categories.

How to wear a necklace

Maybe I will start working on my own comprehensive guide.  First I just need to figure out how to go about figuring out what on earth I am doing.

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