Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dealing with Intolerable People

Well, I moved my desk.  I must say, I have a very nice setup now in terms of my monitors and computer docking station; the setup of this desk made it easier for my to get everything out of the way.  I also now have a white board which is nice.

My new setup, complete with computer docked out of the way in an unused overhead cabinet.

What I do not have is the same confidence I once did at work.  I had an altercation with the coworker who refused to stop antagonizing me that ended in him storming out of the office and leaving.  After I asked him to please close the window he turned and told me that I would have to talk to our boss about an alternate seating arrangement for me, as if I  am the unreasonable one here.  I found this infuriating and though I should have let it go, I told him that this, in fact, is not his private office and is instead space he shares, and as a result he should be considerate of other people.  He informed me he had been working here for ten years and blah blah as if that was the issue, seniority.  I spoke with our COO this morning and he told me that that just goes to show how this worker just totally does not understand the root of the issue being respect for other people, like he thinks seniority should dictate who gets to be comfortable or not.  We recently hired a new woman in the accounts area (or whatever they do there, I have no idea to be honest) and my COO told me that this is the first time someone has been sitting in the desk across from his office and so now he closes the blinds in the morning because the morning sun shines directly onto her screen.  She didn't even need to ask!  He just did it.  I guess it's a matter of personality more than anything, I mean this guy is the second highest in the company and he doesn't whine that his seniority should all him to do whatever he damn well pleases no matter how it affects anyone else.

It's amazing to me that my former officemate has daughters, I don't know how they ever dealt with him.  I think a part of it is also that this man has probably had very limited professional interaction with women, and so he just couldn't figure out how to handle the situation without just ignoring my requests.  I tried to be an adult about it by confronting him and trying to discuss the situation but I think he felt that since he was the senior guy here, he shouldn't have to talk to lil' ole me about it.  This guy also often would say awful things about women in general when talking about a worker at another company we were working with or something, and then would need to turn to me and say "You know, I didn't mean you."  Well fuck you then and don't say it!  Don't say it's a problem with "women", say it's a problem with one specific person you're dealing with.  His comments about what's attractive on women were the most annoying though, he once stated that tattoos are awfully unattractive on women and it prompted me to wonder, is he an authority on this?  This man, who frankly looks and walks like a turtle, is able to say that his tattoos are fine but on women they're ugly?  Okay cool.

I am trying to figure out how to deal with him since he has now taken to not saying a word to me but I am really unsure.  This is giving me terrible anxiety about going into work and since the cubicle I moved to is frequently empty I feel like I've been exiled to the Gobi Desert over here.  I tend to dwell on things and I know I should stop

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