Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Baking Season!!

I haven't been shopping much lately because I was saving for my Vegas trip (and somehow I only spent $200 while there... what the hell? I should have stopped at the Balenciaga store!) so I have really only had desperately depressing things to talk about on here, and you're welcome for helping your seasonal affective disorder along.  It's almost Thanksgiving though which means it is time to bake a lot of things!

I can never decide what to make.  It's hard because bloggers have fancy cameras and are really good at these things so everything they make looks lovely, and then when I try it it just looks like a big mess.  My good friend from college is having a dinner tomorrow, then there's my work potluck on Monday and then we are going to my boyfriend's sister's house for Thanksgiving, so I have to bake a lot of things in a short time here!

Work potlucks are the toughest in my opinion because I always feel like I need to have at least enough that everyone can try one, which means I need to make ~50 servings of whatever I make, and those 50 servings need to be easily transportable, unlike the cake I brought in for my birthday that slid over on the car ride and ended up being 3 broken cake layers in a pile of mush.  I've made them my chocolate chip cookies many, many times and so that's too dull.  Another woman makes really good brownies so those are out, and someone always buys a pie of some sort so I would stay away from those too, not that I'd make a damn pie anyway but just in case.

The pumpkin whoopie pies I made were a huge hit but, since each pie uses two cookies, it's tough to make a lot of them at once.  I was debating making them a little smaller so I could make a bunch of little ones and then doing some sort of bar cookie on top of that.  Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are looking like the winners so far (from my girl Brown Eyed Baker) but I will update with my own ugly pictures when I actually make them.

For Saturday dinner, probably a butterscotch type bar cookie and some Bailey's or bourbon truffles.  The host makes awesome cookies and fudge so it's hard to find things people will still enjoy but I am trying.  I know he will appreciate any boozy dessert so that's a definite.

For Thanksgiving, I'm going to try a cake.  It's a big deal; I hate making cakes because they are hard as hell to make look nice and you can't taste them before you give them to other people to try.  What if I accidentally used salt instead of sugar?!?! I'll never know until other people taste it and judge me.  With that, some pecan pie bar type thing.  My boyfriend is really into pecan pie and I've never made it or eaten it but I just don't like pie so I'll try out a different variation.

So yeah that's a lot of baking!  There are no purchases but there will be some really strange looking baked goods in your future here at Girl, Engineered.  Unfortunately, despite my extensive knowledge of physics and the laws of gravity and mechanics of solids, I still can't figure out how to make baked goods hold up and look like the pictures I see on Google Images.

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