Monday, November 25, 2013

Two Down, One to Go

Well my three new (and one old) baking adventures this weekend were pretty successful.  For Saturday I went with Browned Butter Butterscotch Bars and Bailey's Caramel Chocolate Truffles, and for today I went with S'mores Cookie Bars and the Pumpkin Whoopie Pies that make me gag but other people seem to enjoy.

Browned Butter Butterscotch Bars
These were great, they reminded me of chocolate chip cookie dough without the chips (a personal favorite) and a bit of Momofuku Milk Bar's Crack Pie (which if you haven't tried, just go there now).  I doubled the recipe and used a 13"x9" pan so they came out thicker than the pictures which was ideal for me, and I used slightly less than double the butterscotch chips because I didn't want that flavor to overpower them.  I was concerned for no reason because they ended up being fairly subtle in the final product but that was perfect for me.

So good.

Bailey's Caramel Irish Cream Truffles
While these were undeniable delicious, it's a shame that they were such a mess to make because I honestly think for the first time in my life I am kind of sick of chocolate after being covered in it for a whole day.  The fact that these were covered in melted chocolate rather than rolled in cocoa powder and nuts was what sealed the deal when I was trying to choose a recipe, and for all the problems I had with my melted chocolate seizing because the filling was not quite cold enough when I dipped the filling balls, they actually looked pretty cute.  I added some extra Bailey's because it's hard to go wrong with that and the flavor was amazingly rich and the Bailey's was definitely the star.  I have made other kinds of "truffles" before but these were the first that reminded me of those you'd buy at a chocolate shop; the outer shell was hard and satisfying to bite into while the inside was soft and creamy  I was pretty proud of these little guys, aside from the fact that by the time I got to try one I was so sick of them due to nonstop eating every drop of filling that fell out of my melon baller.  Can't let any go to waste, right?

A winning combo.

Ok they look kinda less cute here than in real life but still pretty good for me, who can make anything look awful.

S'mores Cookie Bars
These were my favorite because they closely resembled my all time favorite dessert, chocolate chip cookies.  They were thick and gooey and the marshmallows in the cookie dough only added to that, making them a welcome addition.  As the marshmallows melted a little they gave me kind of a hard crust around the edges that I loved.  My graham cracker crust fell apart but that was definitely my fault and not the recipes, I was running out of butter so I used slightly less and, well, yeah.  Whoops.  Either way, they were delicious.  It's a shame you couldn't cut them until they were cooled because I was eating them (with a spoon) right when they came out from one little corner and they were fantastic, but then again I think everything is way better right out of the oven.  I don't even let my cookies cool for more than a minute before I'm hurriedly shoving a spatula under them to get them onto a plate and into my mouth ASAP.  I have even gotten my boyfriend into doing this; when he makes cookies he takes them off the pan to eat so quickly that he has to use a spoon to eat them so they don't burn his fingers, still sensitive to the heat from not having been eating things way too soon and accidentally grabbing pans that are still way too hot for years.

Cookie dough + mini marshmallows has to be a new favorite.

They were really cute with the Hershey's bar chunks on top.

Had to save some for my boyfriend to try.

I also have a new blogger idol, The Classy Cubicle.  She makes beautiful outfits and has lovely clothes and even though she never seems to repeat an outfit (or at least the blog makes it seem that way), a lot of her style is pretty attainable.  And she has St. John stuff!  Do you know how rare it is to find another woman under the age of 65 who appreciates St. John?  Very!  

I want to be able to take nice pictures like her.  My clothes would look so much better without the ugly gym-style bathroom in the background, and without my stupid phone being held up in the mirror.  I don't know how to though, and I am too embarrassed to ask someone I know to take pictures of me frolicking in the street.  I am going to think very long and hard about this.

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