Monday, December 9, 2013

Hoarders: Samples Edition

I am what you could call a samples hoarder.  Every time I make a Sephora order online I excitedly pick my 3 small free samples and scour the weekly deals to determine what deluxe sample I can get with a promo code.  Sometimes I even use my points (I have 922 amassed...I guess I am a points hoarder too) to get even more deluxe size samples.

When I get the box I marvel at how there are more free items in there than whatever I actually paid for.  I put all the samples away in my "sample drawer" carefully and then never look at them again.

I realize that my logic for not using them is strange.  I feel like since they are things I don't own full sizes of I should save them for a special occasion, particularly the samples of more expensive items like YSL Touche Eclat, but then when a special occasion comes I tell myself I should use something tried-and-true rather than break out a sample and risk looking like a disco ball or something else.  That's how they never, ever get used.

A peak into my samples drawer

Everything laid out

The real issue with this isn't so much the hoarding (my mom would disagree here), but that most of the time the items get wasted by drying up before I get a chance to use them.  A Stila smudge pot sample had great potential, but by the time I dared to try it a year after receiving it, it was dried out to the point that even some drops of water couldn't save it.

So I am making a pledge - I am going to clean out my damn samples drawer and try everything, and I will log it here so I can remember my feelings about specific items and whether or not I want to try purchasing the full size.  Over the weekend I used three (3!) samples up.

1. Diorskin Nude BB Cream in Fair 002
Photo credit: Sephora

This was really, really nice, had great coverage for a BB cream and made my skin feel really nice.  The problem with foundation samples is that you can't really tell if they will make you break out or not after a few uses, but this is one I would definitely try out because it masked my oiliness without making me look flaky and dry, and had really nice coverage without looking caked on.  The color itself was perfect for my skin.

2. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat in Luminous Radiance 1.0, Luminous Ivory 2.0 and Luminous Sand 4.5
Photo credit: Sephora

Almost everyone everywhere has been singing the praises of Touche Eclat for a while now, but I've been hesitant to pick it up because of the price; at $40 it's a full $10 more than my preferred highlighter at the moment, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl.  I was blown away by this though, especially in shade 2.0.  1.0 was a little too pink for me, 4.5 was a little to dark, but 2.0 was seriously perfect.  It lit up my face and gave me that "glow from within" I'm always searching for, and did not look too shiny or shimmery at all.  I think I will buy this when I run out of Girl Meets Pearl but there is another highlighter/luminizer sample waiting for me in my drawer (Benefit Watts Up) so maybe that will be even better.

3.  Cover FX CC Cream in N Light
Photo credit: Sephora

I found the texture of this to be very dry and thick and hard to blend, but I will say that that could very well just be the fact that it's been sitting in a drawer for a long time.  The real reason I won't ever be buying this: the smell.  It wasn't bad like rotten eggs milk gone sour bad, but it was strong and just not pleasant.  I don't think I am particularly sensitive to smells but I also don't wear perfume so maybe other people would be less bothered by this.  Having tried this right after the Dior BB Cream, I can't even believe that this one costs more, or even close to the same amount.  Where the Dior sample was creamy and luxurious, this one was difficult and smelled very chemical-y.  Oh well, at least that's one I've ruled out!

This past Friday was my boyfriend's Christmas party.  They go so over the top with it in a way that I am glad my company doesn't - if I wasn't getting as big a raise as I deserved so my company could hire a 12 person band outfit for the Christmas party, I would not be a happy camper.  It was lovely though, and all the food was great with the exception of dessert which was noticeable and shockingly lacking chocolate, the most integral part of dessert.  The closest thing was a strawberry covered in white and milk chocolate but milk chocolate is barely even in the same family as a good dark chocolate, forget about white.  I got home craving something rich and bittersweet.  Pictures are not up yet but I will post some as they are.  Last year there was a photobooth that we enjoyed playing around with, but this years was just out in the open rather than covered, right in front of the line of people waiting to have caricatures drawn of themselves.  I opted not to wait an hour on line for that as some did, but we did get some cute photobooth pics, even if it was much more uncomfortable making funny faces and thinking of cute poses out in front of all his coworkers,

Dress: Alice and Olivia Birch Boatneck Dress // Clutch: Balenciaga GGH Premier in Ciel // Shoes: BCBGeneration Tinas Forest Croc Patent // Nails: Julep "Char"

If you're ever looking for good, comfy pumps at a good price, these BCBGeneration Tinas pumps are them.  They're high but not stripper-esque, have a slim heel that won't wobble, and inexplicably never bother my feet.  I have them in all different colors, and wearing these green ones for the first time has reminded me how much I love them and inspired me to get more.

This Julep polish came with my PopSugar Must Have box from October.  I love the color - a true navy creme without any shimmer that escapes the dreadful "almost-black" territory that most dark cremes fall into.  However, the formula is really, really not so hot.  It's thick and clumpy, and I think I am going to have to dump some Seche Restore in before I try this polish again because the thick coats I ended up with chipped and peeled off my nails way too easily.

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