Friday, December 20, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Just kidding, it's not.  It's the most stressful time of the year because I feel pressure from all sides to do things with them - friends, family, boyfriend, boyfriend's family, long lost friends, everyone.  I spent Thanksgiving with my boyfriend's family and he wants me to do the same for Christmas, and I appreciate that but I feel like not having a family means everyone just assumes that you want to tag along to their stuff.  My mom and I may not have a big family to spend time with but that doesn't mean we want to deal with the holiday traffic and stress like other people do for their families for people who just aren't our family.  I'm hoping I can get my boyfriend to come down for dessert or something and spend some of a holiday with us, but it's not looking likely.  I gotta think of something good to bake to bring to my friend's house in case he doesn't - they're close and they're a wonderful family so it would be fun.

Last Christmas party of the year today!  Very excited to be done with them.

Sweater: Theory Tollie Sweater (although mine has a small pocket and this one doesn't) // Jeans: Rich & Skinny // Booties: Bourne Collection Lambourne Agatha

Now, on to the stress of people getting you little gifts and you not having gotten them anything because who would have anticipated that and then you have to feel uncomfortable and quickly get them something super last minute.  I think I hear my first awkward encounter walking over here now.......

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