Thursday, December 5, 2013

To Clarify,

If you wait until the very last second, or beyond, to merge when your lane is ending, you are a dick.

No doubt about it, you're a dick.  Sorry.

I drew a helpful diagram for those who still aren't sure if they're a dick or not.

As you can see clearly, the car on the top merging at the last possible second thereby forcing everyone to stop and let him in, halting the flow of traffic, is a dick.  The car below, which saw an opening and took it like a normal, rational human being, is not a dick.  

If you're still not sure if you're being a dick, ask yourself, "am I acting like my time/comfort/happiness is more important than other people's?"  This applies to lots of things as well, such as being late, allowing your child to scream in a restaurant, walking four across on the sidewalk in Times friggin' Square.  If you can answer yes to this (and be honest with yourself!) you're being a dick.  So stop.

Tonight is my work Christmas party!  We go right after work and last year I changed at the end of the day since it is held in a fairly fancy place but I felt silly doing that since I work with all men and no one gives a shit so I tried to dress down a dress-uppable dress. Whew.

Sweater: J. Crew // Dress: Karen Millen

My skin cannot hold a tan so I might use a little bronzing lotion later on, I just don't want my sweater to be covered in it.  Dilemmas!  This dress is another item I own from the biggest star of our time, Jenna Elfman, so I imagine people will be begging me to touch it all night.  I am also wearing patent green croc shoes so it might end up looking nice and christmas-y or like I got dressed in the dark.  I'll update which it is when I put them on.

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