Tuesday, January 28, 2014

50 Shades of Brown

Yes I am in love with this bag.  So much so that I want another one in a different color scheme.  Which I know is crazy.

Sweater: Vince // Pants: Vince // Bag: You Know By Now

Boots: Coach Weslyn

I bought these boots in 2007 and, even though I got some salt on then this morning, they're still in surprisingly good shape.  I am going to try to use the leather cream i got for my Balenciaga on these later when I get home, but does anyone have a good suggestion for a way to help get them in better shape?  I like them all worn and roughed up looking but maybe they're starting to exceed the allowed roughed up-ness.

Unfortunately since I bought my navy bag I haven't been buying a ton of brown clothing, so I am going to have to start up on that again!  I think this bag will look great with an all black outfit though, and I definitely have plenty of that.

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