Friday, January 17, 2014


A huge part of finding good deals on eBay is putting pretty much everything you might even be remotely interested in on your Watch List.  Looking at an item 6 days or more before it ends doesn't do you much good - you're likely to forget about it when the time comes to bid, and you're likely to have no good idea of what the price will be at that time even if you do remember.

Using the eBay app on the iPhone is particularly advantageous over just browsing on the computer because it gives you the option of viewing newly listed items only.  When I save a search, I almost always sort the items by lowest price first; my Brunello Cucinelli search would very rarely find me anything worth buying if this weren't the case, since the majority of items are way above my price limit.  This sorting method coupled with the iPhone app ability to only view items listed since the last time you checked your search means you're seeing all the things closer to your price range as they are listed.  If you were simply viewing on the computer, you'd be looking at the same items over and over because your sorting method would have things in the same order more or less every time you check your search.

This also means that most of the things you're looking at have a while left before the auction ends.  For me, I just add everything to my watch list and then check my watch list almost daily.  When an item has less than two days left, I re-evaluate it at the new price.  Maybe something was a great deal when it was listed at $20, but now, at $150, it's not really worth it to me - those things, I remove.  When there's less than a day left on an item I decide whether or not I want to bid and if I do, I put it into my account at Gixen to snipe it, ensuring I'm not paying more than I think it's worth because I got caught up in the excitement of a bidding war and that I'm not artificially driving up the price by bidding too soon, forcing other people to outbid me.

I was just browsing through my watch list and thought it might be beneficial for some eBay beginners to see some of the things I am keeping my eye on!

  1. Rebecca Taylor Tweed Dress (New), size 4, sold by BHFO.  Currently $75.00 ($450.00 retail)
    1. this is soo me and I would buy it if I hadn't been fooled by Rebecca Taylor before - tall girls beware, he dresses are adorable and look great for work but if you're 5'10" like me they are short.  Depending on your office, this could be fine, but be warned!
  2. Rag & Bone Holst Knit Sweater (New), size L, sold by BHFO.  Currently $35.55 ($290.00 retail)
  3. Viktor & Rolf Sweater (New), size S, sold by AJMFashions.  Currently $66.00 ($790.00 retail)
  4. Rag & Bone Leather Sleeve Denim Jacket (New), size S, sold by mass_noun.  Currently $102.50 ($495 retail)
  5. J. Crew Etta Pumps in Canvas Stripe (New w/o Box), sizes 7, 7.5, 9.5, 10; sold by color_me_elegant.  $109.00 Buy It Now
  6. J. Crew Etta Leopard Calf Hair Pumps (New w/o Box), size 10, sold by klesak. $139.99 Buy It Now
If these are helpful to anyone I will try and do some more, I do so much checking and watching on eBay I might as well pass the knowledge along to some other people who will benefit as well.

Do you ever shop on eBay?  Have you had any great finds or horror stories?  I love hearing about people's deals and steals!

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