Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fendi Fever

I have been really, really wanting a new bag recently.  Like, really.  Like, been looking at (and lusting after) pictures of them first thing when I get to work and making spreadsheets of my options.  Not joking.

see?  It's bad.

I'm pretty much between a Fendi 2Bag, a Fendi 2Jours, and a Fendi Chameleon.

I don't know why my three favorites are all Fendi because to be honest I've never really liked Fendi bags in the past.  Their Zucca print is not cute and the Spy bag looked like a really ugly animal hybrid if you asked me.  The Peekaboo was okay but for the price, meh.

But these three - oh my God these three are gorgeous.  I want them all.

Fendi Chameleon

I probably wouldn't go with either of these color schemes, but I like them both.  I just love the shape of this bag, the different colors, the long's beautiful!  I first was really swayed by it when I saw it on Easy Petite Looks and thought she wore it so beautifully.  Now I've been hunting them down for myself for a few weeks now, and haven't gotten tired of the look of it yet.

Fendi 2Jours

The shape, the colors, the hot stamping on the key holder - I love everything about this.  The green and yellow/camel bags are both gorgeous, as is an amethyst one I've been eyeing.  This is such a classic shape and so different from everything else I own, so structured and chic.  I am regretting all my purchases from the past month right now thinking about how, all added up, I could have gotten one of these instead.

Fendi 2Bag

Yep, this one is making me regret past purchases too.  The colors are so gorgeous and the color schemes are adorable and the shape is so fun - I just really, really want one of these (especially the ones on the left and in the middle).  It looks like a great shape for carrying things and could really add some interest to an otherwise boring outfit.

What do you guys think?  What has everyone else been coveting lately?

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