Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hoarders: Samples Update

So I have been using samples but since a lot of them are "deluxe" sized, I haven't really cleared much space in my drawer yet.  Plus, I may have made a Sephora order when they were running a "Skincare Sample Bag" promotion and I may now have even more than I started with.  Allegedly.

(photo credit: Sephora)

This stuff, I love.  I think it is really helping with the clarity and tone of my skin, making it more even and smoothing out these weird small bumps I sometimes get.  Since one of my resolutions was taking better care of my things and one of my major possessions is my skin, I started using this a week or two ago and am really considering getting the full version when I run out.  It smells really nice and goes on smoothly, and I put it on before bed and feel like my skin looks more radiant when I wake up and my makeup goes on more smoothly even when I don't use primer or anything.  It hasn't  made my acne prone skin break out and seems to be a great product for all skin types as it's helped both my oilier T-zone and my dryer cheek patches.  Big fan!

(photo credit: Sephora)

If you use this on damp hair (like the instructions say...but hey sometimes we don't all read the directions first) this hairspray works.  It adds more body to your hair particularly mid-shaft, which is where I tend to need it because I can get it in my roots with a blow drier and maybe a little mild teasing but the middle is where my naturally straight hair falls flat, literally and figuratively.  The scent is strange and I have to say I really don't like it when I first use it.  It smells kind of medicine-y to me, but fortunately the smell doesn't stay all day.  Even without blow drying after, this spray really helps amp up the volume so it's great if you're like me and trying to stay away from using heat styling to add body to your hair.  I have a pretty decent sized sample of this so I don't plan on buying it right now, but perhaps with some more uses it will become more of a staple for me.

(photo credit: Sephora)

My hair gets very noticeable dry and static-y in the winter, so I've used this a few times so far this winter to try and correct this.  I have to say, I haven't noticed much of a difference.  My mom, who colors her hair, has much more damaged hair than I do so I passed the rest along to her to try and bring her hair back to normal condition after a strangely drying recent dye job, so I will update with her results when she's finished with it.  Right now, for me, it's just not really worth it.

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