Saturday, January 18, 2014

January Subscription Box

For my birthday this year, my mom got me a year subscription for the Popsugar Must Have box.  It was such a wonderful gift - it's like getting a big surprise present every month and even if the things aren't always useful to me, it's still a lot of fun to open and I can usually find someone who would like the things I don't (looking at you DIY book with incredibly ugly projects that are pointless because you could just buy the made thing for cheaper than what you need to make it).

January Must Haves from POPSUGAR
  • Revlon x Marchesa nail files
  • Malin + Goetz detox face mask (super excited for this)
  • Smartphone compatible gloves
  • Cities 2014 calendar
  • The Juice Generation by Eric Helms (can't wait to make some juices and smoothies!)
  • Pipcorn Truffle mini popcorn
This box was a pretty good one.  I can see myself using/eating everything here, which is really all I can ask for.  I hope to write some reviews on everything as I get around to trying things out, but last night after I got home I was way too tired to even sample the popcorn.

Typically on Fridays I will go to my boyfriend's after work to avoid the dreaded Friday afternoon traffic that, for whatever reason, is brutal from 2 PM to 6 PM without fail.  Since my boyfriend was on a flight to Tokyo, my mother and her best friend came up to meet me at a mall near my office for some shopping and dinner.  I tried on the Fendi 2Jours in Neiman Marcus and oh my gosh I am obsessed with it.  There was a beautiful dark cherry color that I swooned over, as well as a caramel and a light beige...really I loved them all.  Sometimes you see pictures of something online and think you'll love it and then in person it's just meh, well this was the opposite - pictures online couldn't have prepared me for how much I loved it.

I also eliminated a bag from the running for me, and that is the Balenciaga Weekender.  Neiman's had it in the Gris Tarmac color and it really was enormous.  I know it's a weekender and it's supposed to be big but I hoped that because of my height I would be able to pull it off.  I was wrong.  It's just much too big to be useful enough to justify the price. 

We ate at Grand Lux Cafe after some browsing and it was really delicious.  I am not a huge chain restaurant fan but I have to say, there really are some out there that have some very consistently good offerings.  My favorites are the Cheesecake Factory, Grand Lux Cafe, and Legal Sea Foods.  We ordered eggplant parmesan fritters which were surprisingly fresh, crisp and tasty for an appetizer.  I got a Lux Cosmopolitan (ironically we spent some of dinner discussing the relative merits of Sex and the City as a show, and there I was drinking the cocktail they popularized) which was delicious enough to order a second, and the Chicken Angeli, a crispy chicken cutlet dish served over gnocchi with a creamy tomato sauce.  It was good but not quite enough sauce for me.  My mother's Chopped Salad was delicious as always, and her friend's burger was really very good.  We each got a slice of the Deep Dark Fudge cake to take home because it's too good to pass up but we were too full to eat it there.  All in all it was a pretty successful and enjoyable way to avoid the Friday traffic.

This morning I am selling the Rangers tickets I bought for my boyfriend for Christmas to a man at a Starbucks; this is definitely one of the sketchiest things I've done in a long time so wish me luck!

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