Friday, January 17, 2014

Office Climates

Tip: Sweater dresses are one of the best ways to stay warm in an inexplicably and unbearably cold offices.

Dress: Rachel Roy Leopard Knit Dress  // Necklace: KJL Kenneth Jay Lane

My mom got me this dress for Christmas and it was a very strange pick for her, but I like it a lot.  It's super soft and warm and fits really nicely.  It's probably not the best for work but let's keep in mind that my coworkers wear light wash jeans so I'm not too concerned.  I would love it for dinner with pumps and big diamond studs.

How do you keep warm in your office?  A lot of the women here have space heaters but I am afraid that getting one will make me look high maintenance - probably a dumb fear but one I feel acutely particularly after my little office mate fiasco a few months ago.  I suggested my office order us all company Snuggies but I think everyone thought I was joking (I wasn't).

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