Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Perks of Being a Blogger

I got my first ~*~blogger~*~ swag in the mail the other day and was so excited I forgot to write about it!  I got a package in the mail from an unfamiliar return address and was trying to figure out what I had purchased but forgotten (yet again).  I noticed the name the package was addressed to is the name I use on my blog and used for my domain registration, which was very odd.  Quickly ruling out ricin or anthrax, although certainly poisoning me would get a protester's point across loud and clear, I opened the package to find a sample packet of..........

probiotic gummies!  Now interestingly enough I take these on my own, mainly because they're delicious but also because apparently they are good for you, and so I excitedly gobbled the two in the sample pack up.  I don't know if this means I am obligated to review them but they are great!  I don't like the orange ones so I take two at a time (never two of the same color) so if I pick an orange one the flavor is masked.  This is a pretty big day for me and my blog, so I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and enabling me to get half of a day's dosage of my probiotics.  Yum.

Jacket: Diane Von Furstenberg Paulette // Top: T. Babaton (Aritzia) // Skirt: Theory // Impeccable Digestive System (not shown): Schiff Digestive Advantage Probiotic Gummies c/o // Nails: Essie
"Go Overboard" (dark teal this one)

As part of my mother's Christmas gift, I took her to a live taping of The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon.  She is always sending me clips from Fallon's show, which I watch with varying degrees of consistency, and gushes over how funny and down-to-Earth she finds him.  He was certainly one of my favorite players on SNL and there was definitely a noticeable decline in quality of sketches when he left, so I was glad to go see him with her.  I don't watch his show much mainly because it comes on way after my bedtime, but I have always enjoy whatever portions I caught during insomnia induced late nights.

I have to say, it was incredible.  He was so sweet and very funny in person, and his guests (Ryan Seacrest and Gabrielle Union, who, PS, is beyond [beyond] stunning) were both incredibly endearing and funny, even when cameras weren't rolling.  I was so impressed by the whole experience, and even though we sat all the way in the back we had a great view of everything and got to shake Jimmy's hand when he ran around to everyone.  He even seemed to recognize my mom while running around to everyone - amid a sea of high fives and "Hi!"s he stopped and looked her in the face and said "Thank you for coming!" and I think if it weren't so damn cold in this polar vortex she might have just melted.  It was surprising to both of us, and I almost expected him to call her by name like they were old friends reconnecting.  I think she really had a great time and for that, I'm so thankful to Jimmy and his crew.

The process of getting tickets was time consuming and the whole thing was a bit of a production but it was definitely worth it.  They release the tickets in blocks so I called everyday waiting for some new tickets to be released for about three weeks.  When they did release new tickets, I knew way before I got on the line with someone because busy signals were keeping me from getting through for over an hour.  When I finally did get through, after hitting "3" for Jimmy and then "0" to speak with a ticket line operator, a recording informed me everyone was busy and to try again.

I kept calling and typing "3", "0" when I heard the NBC Universal recording and at last got through, securing two tickets.  After that, you show up at 30 Rockefeller Plaza before 3:45 (we arrived at 2:50 and there was already quite a line) to pick up wristbands and tickets with a number on the back.  The number dictates what order you enter the studio in but the pages assign you seats somewhat randomly so even if you're at the end, you could be seated up front.  The studio is very small so there's really no bad seat.

After you get your wristbands, you return at 4:00 to line up near an escalator.  We passed the time in a very crowded Starbucks but, had it not been so cold, it would have been a nice time to look at the tree and do all those other tourist-y things we never do.  Then you line up again upstairs based on the number on your card, and a guy comes around selecting some people to sit on the "band bench".  There were benches behind the regular studio seats where these people sat, and then they were able to sit on the stage during the performance.  I was pretty offended at not being chosen but seeing as I had never even heard of the musical guest, I wasn't too upset.

Before that, I had a doctor's appointment so we spent much of the coldest day in twenty years or whatever it was out and about and wasting time.  My doctor gave us his passes to the Frick Collection so we got to see some Rembrandts and the famous Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring.  Sometimes I just feel like I don't get art.  It's lovely and all but people seem to stand and stare for so long and I just wonder what they could be getting out of it; I mostly commented on facial expressions and animals and the fact that the "Virtue Triumphs Over Vice" statuettes all represented "Vice" as the woman and "Virtue" as the man.

After that, we made our way down towards Rockefeller Center, stopping in Bergdorf Goodman on the way to get a reprieve from the wind and cold.  I excitedly looked around the Balenciaga counter hoping to catch a glimpse of a weekender to try on but they didn't have one.  I did try the work and while the size is great, it's just not versatile enough compared to the City and Papier tote I already have - the difference in size isn't big enough to necessitate me owning one but when my bonus comes in I will consider it for sure.  The Anthracite color is stunning and I was loath to put down the one I was trying on.

I look at all the people in Bergdorf's and wonder - how are these people shopping here?  Am I really frugal and I didn't even know it?  Looking around my closet I'd say no, but I couldn't even find something worth trying on at the sale racks there while other people could barely carry all the bags they had with them.  There's such a disconnect between our perception and our reality - I perceive myself to be struggling, am I not?  I perceive other people to be doing fabulously, tossing their Chanel Reissues on the floor like they're a little nylon Longchamp, are they not?

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