Monday, January 13, 2014


Well, I got sick again, and this time around it's much worse.  My fever spiked to 103 on Friday and I started talking in my sleep as a result of the cough syrup.  I had intended to do lots of writing this weekend but instead did lots of sleeping.

I listed some old stuff of mine on eBay, just things sitting in my closet I would never use again.  I noticed that people value their possessions incredibly highly; a Juicy Couture (I know) patent leather (I KNOW) bowler bag I listed at $40 was already listed by someone else at $262, and hers was used and in worse condition than mine!  Come on girlfriend, I didn't even pay that much when I bought the bag brand new in 2008.  It was on sale of course but still, I was afraid even $40 was stretching it.

I need to learn to stop doing this myself.  I value old things of mine so highly when really they're worthless.  That cashmere Tory Burch cardigan sweater I bought around Christmas 2007 that was a wardrobe staple for about 5 years - the buttons are getting a little loose but should I even bother sewing them back more tightly?  It's old and requires much more upkeep now and I'd be willing to bet that if it weren't for the little logos on the buttons no one would spend more than $20 on it in a consignment store.

I'm also putting up a bunch of sterling silver Tiffany and Co. jewelry.  I have a whole drawer full of those robin's egg blue boxes and almost never wear any of it.  I occasionally wear the wave earring and antique key necklace but I really think that's about it.  All the stuff with the logos and, even worse, hearts? Meh.  I know when I was 17 I thought these things would be worth something one day or maybe when I was older I'd want to wear a big circle pendant that says "T&CO" on it but I think I've already established on here that when I was 17 I was also unarguably a fucking idiot.

Man it hurts to realize your mom was right about pretty much everything.

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