Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Morning Shopping

Having been at Neiman Marcus on Friday, I can tell you that the sale prices were not good.  A really nice Sachin + Babi jacket was still $440 and a meh Neiman Marcus brand knit was $130, at which point I decided to skip to the bags.

You can imagine my delight and joy when I received an email this morning informing me of 25% off already reduced prices at the Neiman Marcus website.  Buying from Neiman's sales is always great when they have an extra percentage off and the prices really can't be beat compared to those in the store.  

My tip for getting the best deal? Filter by the brands you want, and then sort by percent discount - high to low.  This will give you all the most heavily discounted items first (usually 65%) so you aren't wasting valuable looking time on cheaper items.  When I say valuable looking time, I mean it - a sweater I wanted sold out from my cart between the time I hit "checkout" and got to "Place Order".

So here's what I got:
Pants: Theory Mandatory Junius Skinny Pants in Charcoal
These were $61.50 down from $235.00 (74% off... and you thought math would never come in handy again!)
Dress: Rebecca Taylor Leather/Ponte Paneled Dress
This was $144.00 down from $550.00 (74% off)

I was also considering some Magaschoni work basics and a Black Halo Cheetah Print Dress for $98.00, but they didn't make my final cut.  There are tons of amazing deals to be had, get your coffee and get to shopping!

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