Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tweedy pt. 2

In addition to my new bag, I just made a pretty big blog-related purchase.  I just got my first Big Girl camera, and am pretty excited to not have to do this whole mirror pic thing anymore!  They rarely capture what I want them to and the bathroom at my work is truly hideous.

I emailed Eleni from Convey The Moment and aside from being super sweet and beautiful to boot, she was really helpful with giving me advice about blog pictures.  Since I never take pictures (even with a point and shoot), I was hesitant about dropping too much money on a camera because even the nicest camera can't make you a good photographer.  For this reason, I opted for a mirrorless camera as opposed to the typical and more popular DSLR.  Mirrorless cameras are a bit of an emerging field but a lot of them have the same capabilities as DSLRs without the (nearly as) hefty price tags and hefty camera size.

The smaller size of the mirrorless is pretty advantageous to me because I do most of my picture taking at work.  A smaller camera means one that's easier to bring to work for me, and hopefully my wonderful work husband who has an endless thirst for knowledge will be curious enough to want to use it that he will agree to take some pictures of me (much to my embarrassment, I'm sure).  Another nice thing about the mirrorless cameras is they have faster capture rate and definitely less noise since there is no mirror slap necessary!

Before reading more about the mirrorless vs. SLR debate, I was between an Olympus Pen E PL3 mirrorless camera and a Nikon D3100 DSLR.  Both are slightly older models which put them more into my price range (my Bag and Clothing budget leaves little room for anything else :-) ) and even though the D3100 seemed like a great camera and at a great price, I just felt the Olympus camera would fit my needs better.  We will find out pretty soon!

One regret - the Olympus comes in a few color choices (black, red, silver, white) and while I really wanted the white for whatever reason it was over $100 more on NewEgg so I went with the black.  Turns out Amazon had the white for only $10 more!  I typically search literally everywhere before buying but I guess all the looking at different kinds of cameras had me search overloaded.

Dress: Piazza Sempione Jersey/Tweed Dress // Shoes: Tahari

I had on tights with this but just was not feeling it so much.  Naturally, it's snowing so everyone is looking at me like I'm insane.  I probably am.

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