Monday, January 13, 2014

Two Resolutions, One Stone

Two of my resolutions were to be more productive at work and take better care of my possessions, and I feel that successfully doing both of those requires a common strong foundation in being organized.  I am not organized.  My room is a mess, I frequently lose things (in my room/home, not like gone forever thankfully), and when I leave for work in the morning I often get to the elevator before I have to turn back around and go in and grab some necessity I neglected to pack with me.  I need to get my shit together.

Here's how I think getting my shit together will help me stick with these resolutions:
  1. I can have a better idea of when I need to have things done by, how much time I should be spending on them, how much spare time I have to just play around and do nothing, and I can ensure that I have all the things I need to do my work when I am at work.
  2. I will have a better idea of what I own, where those things go, and when things are out of place.  By this I mean that if I have a bunch of pajamas on the floor or t shirts tossed on my bed I won't be able to see that there is a really nice silk blouse underneath getting wrinkled or worse, stained.  If I can get in the habit of taking care of the little things as well as the big things, it should all fall into place easily.

I hope that consistent use of this planner will help me do that.  The Moleskine Weekly Notebook (in red here, other sizes and options here) has the days of the week on one side for recording appointments and meetings (and even what you wore that day so you're not over wearing something or neglecting all the other nice nail colors you own) and a blank, ruled page on the other side for notes, reminders, doodles, or anything else you may need.  I like the large size (5" x 8.25") because there's enough room but it isn't so big it won't fit comfortably in a purse.  For those of you who are still in school, the extra large size is even better.  I loved to copy my notes for weekly quizzes onto the ruled page for that week so every time I opened it to check my schedule I would get a quick glance at whatever orgo mechanism I was supposed to know and I think it really helped it sink in.  The 18 month version was great for school as well.

Here's a comparison between the two sizes:

My version last year had Snoopy on the front and came with Snoopy stickers and was super cute but I think the classic black is best - perhaps going into meetings with a notebook with Peanuts characters embossed on the cover wasn't sending the best message possible.

The color coded sticky notes (also by Moleskine, here) will hopefully help me keep track of the relative importance of the things I need to do.  This week I need to call my doctor's office to make an appointment and figure out where I want to get my hair cut and make an appointment there, but clearly one of these things is more important than the other.  I tend to procrastinate by doing all the less important things first, and I don't want to do that!

So here goes nothing, I'm taking steps and making note of them here so I can't just say I neve, and maybe I should commit myself to checking in again in two weeks to see if I am still consistently using this tools and keeping track of things I need to do, doing more at work, and taking better care of my things.

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