Friday, January 24, 2014

Vacation Days

I came down to Alexandria, VA, for a quick weekend getaway. We shopped a bit on the way down and met with a friend who forbid me to post any pictures of the two of us.

Our hotel, the Lorien, is lovely but I can't sleep so I'm writing this and watching 'The Place Behind the Pines' which is a pretty heartbreaking movie so far so I doubt it's helping. To take all our minds off the painful brutality that is everyday life, here are some pics of the margarita and desserts we had at the hotel restaurant, Brabo, and what I wore. 

Really though, life is awful. 

Citrus olive oil cake with a Meyer lemon ravioli (weird as hell tbh but tasted good)

Chocolate Palet with butterscotch ice cream

Sweater: Theory // Jeans: J. Brand // Boots: Bourne Collection

And on that note, I'm turning this movie off before I start pondering the bleakness of life any further. 

Good night and good luck. 

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