Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weirdly Useful Thing any Clothing Lover Should Have

I think I have mentioned that I am hard on my clothes.  I don't know how or why, but they seem to start looking in rough shape much more quickly than you'd expect them to, particularly my sweaters.  Sweaters are a pain in the ass because they're not easy to clean and natural materials don't hold up as well as synthetic ones, in my experience, but who the hell wants a synthetic sweater?

Pilling is my major problem.  It makes clothes look old even when they're not and really detracts from an outfit.  One day, while browsing Amazon, I happened upon this guy:

And my life as it pertains to my sweaters (which is in a pretty major way) was totally changed.

In packing for an upcoming weekend trip to Alexandria, VA, I pulled out this Theory sweater that for a long time has been a favorite of mine.  It was looking rough, to be polite.


So I whipped out my Fuzz Wizard and gave it a quick once over, moving it in circles.  It's almost like a little electric razor/Clarisonic combo for your sweaters. 

side view

front view

And now it's totally wearable again!  It's nice because typically a lint roller will do nothing for pilling and the only other alternative is typically dry cleaning, and even that usually doesn't do it. 

lookin' pretty good!

In case you're not sure if this really did anything because it's hard to tell based on these pics, check out all the fuzz that came off!

this was totally empty when I started

So for fellow people who are weirdly hard on clothes and don't like looking like they're wearing things way past their prime that should have been thrown out a year ago, check this out!  For <$20 it's totally worth it.

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