Thursday, February 6, 2014

Back to Work, Finally!

When I left this morning my car was basically a giant block of ice.  Despite doing literally nothing all day yesterday, I did not decide to break up the monotony of doing nothing with doing something useful, for example going outside and breaking my car out of its icy cage.  No, that would be too logical.

Instead, this morning, dressed for work and not wearing snow boots (again, too logical), I had to dig myself out, fingers scraping against the glaciers sitting atop my windshield, toes so sufficiently soaked with ice that I was convinced I would get frostbite on the way here.  It took half an hour of blood (well not actual blood but I can kinda see blood on some of the scratches), sweat, and tears, not to mention a very exasperated phone call to my mother, to get out.  I so badly wanted to say "fuck it!" and just go back upstairs but I persevered - aside from the fact that I might have killed someone had I spent another whole day at home, I was already out there, I was already dressed, and now I was freed from my icy prison.  I drove in, mentally taking note of the fact that the new most important amenity our new home must possess is an indoor garage, and there surprisingly wasn't much traffic considering the fact that I left much later than usual.  I hope Trulia has a "HAS INDOOR HEATED GARAGE" selection box I can filter by.

theory cardigan (similar here) || alice + olivia tank (similar here) || dolce and gabbana skirt (similar here and here) || fendi colorblock chameleon (smaller size here) || cole haan air morgan 90 pumps (similar here, here, and here, plus a really wild version here)

fendi chameleon theory sweater dolce and gabbana skirt cole haan air morgan

Favorite detail of this skirt: definitely the silky leopard print lining.  Too bad no one can ever see it!

fendi chameleon, j. crew lady day coat in plum
j. crew Lady Day Coat in plum

Bundled up but not exactly dressed well to be carving my car out of a block of ice!  How was everyone else's ride in this morning?  Any other New Yorkers have similar troubles?

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