Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Basically The Worst Thing to Wear When Going to a BBQ Place After Work a light colored silk top.  What is wrong with me?  Once I was wearing this blouse and when I got home I really wanted cookies like, immediately, so I figured I'd put them in the oven first thing and then change.  I was having trouble getting the top off the cooking spray I guess so I was holding it with the bottom against my stomach, giving this blouse a lovely ring of Pam right smack in the middle.  It was a miracle the dry cleaner was able to get it out since it was grease but I think this shirt is just doomed.  In case you were concerned, the cookies still came out great.

pants: 3.1 phillip lim slacks in navy (not sure if those are the exact same but they look it) || blouse: theory sandwashed silk asymmetric draped top || shoes: stuart weitzman tortoise loafer pumps || bag: balenciaga papier two-tone flap || belt: tommy hilfiger calf hair leopard

watch: michael kors layton two tone || ring: david yurman color classics peridot || nails: essie "little brown dress"

Maybe I'll get a burger or mac and cheese or something else not too messy.  Here's hoping the shirt survives.

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