Thursday, February 27, 2014

Casual Thursday

I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow because it's going to expire otherwise so since this is my last day of the week, I didn't feel like dressing up much.  Also, I slept at my boyfriend's and can't be held responsible for the outfits I pick out without trying them on the day before at 5:45 AM.

sweater: zara sparkly thread open cardigan || top: cynthia rowley long sleeve v neck || pants: hilton hollis ponte skinny pants

Staying at his house is annoying because I never have all the things I need.  I need to start putting my stuff together the night before so I don't forget anything (last time, I forgot every piece of makeup I owned... naturally the next day at work everyone thought I was sick) but then I need so many of those things to use in the morning so they can't be packed away.

Maybe I should just be more organized?  Nah.


  1. I'm exactly the same, infact I slept at my boyfriends last night and had to venture in town this morning looking ill (with no makeup on). Girl problems...

    Love Emma xx

  2. the blazer is pretty.