Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cocktail Classes, Crepe, and Coated Jeans

For Christmas, Rudy bought me tickets to a cocktail making class to help us break out of our vodka-club-and-margaritas rut, but little did he know this was a tequila-focused class relying heavily on everyone's favorite drink, the margarita.  I must say I felt like my margarita making method was totally validated and I am now convinced that I need to get some agave syrup to toss in there in small quantities to replace (or maybe reduce) the Rose's lime juice.  It was a really fun time and I'm glad we went, even thought my not eating anything and mixing a huge cider with a bunch of tequila drinks did not make my stomach feel too good afterward.

j. crew crepe baseball tee || j brand coated agnes jeans || dolce vita boots || balenciaga chevre RH city


here's my artsy shot of converses on the subway.

here's the 22 oz cider I probably shouldn't have drank before our cocktail making class today

here's a blurry short of our notebooks at cocktail class

and here's an in focus shot

here's rudy working really hard to make an "el diablo: with tequila, lime juice, agave syrup and ginger beer

and here's me and a lady who rudy caught in the frame

I get these emails from Real Deal Collection when they get new shipments in and these two things caught my eye:

The Balenciaga Flat Clutch is adorable because it can clip right into your bag and be used as a bag-within-a-bag, a favorite concept of mine.  It helps keep all your shit together and organized and even though I generally use Clinique makeup bags I got for free somehow (quite the feat considering I don't own any Clinique makeup), I bet it would be way nicer to be able to use a little clutch that matches my bag.  I hate when I see new arrivals come in - they always make me regret not saving up a little more money.

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