Sunday, February 23, 2014

Field Trip!

It was absolutely beautiful out yesterday - sunny and mily - so we decided to take a little walk to soak up some of the nice weather and get out of this apartment we've been cooped up in for most of winter.

tibi skirt || j. crew tippi sweater in heather caramel || vince crew neck leather jacket || fendi chameleon || saks fifth ave black label randi flats

We live right next to the National Lighthouse Museum, which sounds kinda nice but is really a bunch of dilapidated, rundown building. We decided to walk over to see the state of them since we haven't been able to due to all this snow.  I still haven't gotten used to taking pictures in public; I feel so silly, like who do I think I am? They definitely come out better than indoor or mirror pictures though so I can see why they are a necessity, I'm just way too self conscious for it still.

that's the adiministration building behind me.  It's in pretty good shape.

more of the administration building

this sign is the understatement of the year

old building in front of the new building next door to us

still don't know what the purpose of these things is, like if there was money to decorate why didn't they just fix up the building a little bit?

when I was younger and would walk by those windows always scared me, like someone was going to be standing in them if I looked up.

our neighborhood

our building!

 I am excited for the weather that start being a little better so I can go around giving my camera some use and maybe taking some better outfit photos.  My feet were soaked from all the melting snow from this excursion so I may have jumped the gun a bit here, but it was still nice to get out.  Today we are going to some more open houses so hopefully I will get some pics of that.

How is everyone else's Sunday looking so far?

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