Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Complaint: STOP SNOWING

Everyone in the world right now is probably typing up a post about how much Valentine's Day sucks.  I know.  I've heard.  We've all heard.  I'm not sure I get the hate frankly, and I'm probably the most pessimistic and cynical person I know.

I mean yeah it's kind of stupid and yeah you don't need a day just to show the person you're with that you love them, but it's nice to do.  My boyfriend and I were (I say were because the snow screwed it up but hopefully we'll still do it) planning on just going to a bar and hanging out tonight - nothing special or fancy, just spending the time together.

But anyway since it's unlike me to not be hating something, I'm going to hate on something else: the snow.

How many times must I dig my damn car out just to get to work?  How many times must I drive my house to work with my toes freezing because I was too out of it to remember to put on boots in the morning and my fingers icy cold because just using your hand to swipe the snow off is endlessly easier than that inexplicably tiny little pick scraper thing you're supposed to use?

For reference, I am 5'10".

what the hell

So when will it end?  There isn't even anywhere else on our property for the plows to put the snow, they've covered every possible square inch and it's not melting of course because it's so cold.  Typically I wouldn't care but I just hate driving in this - if it's not making someone else a really poor driver it's making me a moderately poor driver because I have to go 10 mph through streets that have for whatever reason remained unplowed.  Ugh

burberry brit trench coat (very similar here, much cheaper here) || j brand red skinny jeans || sorel caribou boots

Now we are supposed to get more snow tonight, and my boyfriend and I are supposed to go to a cocktail class at The Royalton tomorrow and how am I supposed to look cute if I have to wear giant size-too-big-but-I-was-desperate Sorels?  

At least this weather means there's lots of soups and chili and other things you make when you're frigid and want desperately to just feel warm and comforted.  Things that go nicely with the greatest side ever made, corn bread pudding stuff that I'm not even sure what the technical name for is.

almost ready!

corn bread pudding heaven stuff

fixin' s

my chili splashed a little bit

lunch perfection

I just got an Edible Arrangement (and he got my mom one too, so sweet!) so I have some chocolate covered strawberries I need to scarf down.  Who can hate on any holiday that gives you an excuse to eat tons of chocolate, especially when on chocolate covered strawberries? Blows my mind.

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