Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Halfway Done!

We're supposed to be getting annihilated with snow tomorrow so I will probably be working from home.  That means that as of this morning, my work-week (at least the part where I have to change out of my pajamas and drive) is halfway over!

Today I am going to look at shore houses with my best friend and a friend of hers.  I am excited because my other closest friend is going to be doing it with us, so the three of us will probably have a really nice summer together - assuming we can find a house anyway.  This should alleviate some of my stress once we have a place.  Last year my friend had a house and I just stayed there but I am excited to have a share of my own this year so I can invite friends down and just feel generally more at ease being there.  My friend wouldn't accept money from me for when I stayed but I felt like a moocher staying there when she was paying a premium and all I did was bring her down a bottle of Ketel One.

I'm dressed boring today.  Any time I sleep at my boyfriend's I feel so stressed about having to pick out my clothes before running out the door the morning before that I just grab whatever is dark colored and familiar.  I've owned this Theory blazer for years now and I love it, especially the pinstriped sleeve lining that shows when you roll the sleeves up.  I am pretty sure (but don't quote me on it) that Theory was one of the first brands to do this little trick, with J. Crew and others following suit (no pun intended!), and I just think it adds a little something to an otherwise super boring black blazer.  I tried to find similar items with cute details like this to list below.

Theory is really the best for work clothes.  People will say they're so plain and dull but I disagree, I think they're classics and although they are expensive, their pieces often go on sale and can be found for good prices at Neiman Marcus Last Call (where I got this one, although the selection online is very limited so go to your local one) or even TJ Maxx and Marshall's.  I bought this one six years ago and I think it looks good as new, definitely worth it for the sale price I paid which I think was around $120.  I'm a big believer in price per wear - if you buy something cheap that's also cheap quality, you're probably not getting a very good deal if the item falls apart after 5 wears or your first time washing it.  A $25 item you can wear 5 times before having to toss it means you paid $5 for each time you wore it, whereas a $120 item you can wear for years (let's say, 30 times for equivalence's sake although I'm sure I've worn this more over the past 6 years) will cost you less per wear in the long run.  I hate using the term "investment" about clothes since clothes, like cars, lose value the second you take them out of the store, but good, classic clothing is an investment in the sense that you don't have to buy new stuff all the time and end up spending less money overall.

theory gabe blazer, theory nabiki pants, alice and olivia tank
theory gabe b polyester/wool blend blazer (less expensive styles here and here) || theory nabiki tailor pants (less expensive styles here [love these] and here) || alice + olivia bateau neck wool tank (similar [and super cheap... might get this myself] here) || cole haan air morgan 90 pumps (now sold out, flat version here)

I managed to sleep a full night last night and it was absolutely amazing.  My boyfriend and I went out to dinner after work (Harvest Bistro in Closter, NJ - some of the best food and drinks in Bergen County, hands down) so I'm not sure whether it was the martinis and salmon with lobster mashed potatoes and lobster cognac cream sauce (omg) that put me right to bed or the fact that I woke up at 1:55 the night (morning?) before, but I passed out in the middle of the episode of American Horror Story we decided to catch up on once we got home.  I think that maybe talking getting it out on here was helpful in reducing the anxiety - sometimes just talking about things helps make them better and that's what I really needed to do.  I feel better and more relaxed today, less on the verge of tears, which is definitely very different from how I've been feeling the past few weeks.

As a side note - why do places insist on giving their drinks names that you're embarrassed to say out loud?  Last night I had to order a "Berry Passionate Martini" twice and I felt so silly saying it, although admittedly not as silly as I did at the restaurant we went to where I had to ask for a "50 Shades of Pink" which is not only embarrassing for me to say but also embarrassing for them to have a drink named as its referential to Twilight fan fiction.  Next time I'm getting a Manhattan or just a dirty martini, now those I don't mind asking for.

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