Monday, February 17, 2014

Holiday Sales and Getting Away from the Plain Black Dress

Apparently it's a holiday today.  I could tell for two reasons:
  1. The roads were thoroughly and bizarrely empty on my drive into work this morning.  There was hardly a single huge truck around that I had to avoid lest I spend my morning dodging huge chunks of ice falling from its roof after the slightest curve in the roads.
  2. I have tons of emails about sales in my inbox.
One, not about a sale, from Bergdorf Goodman showed me this dress from Elie Tahari which I think will be my new White Whale for this season:

That dress.  I must own it.  It's gorgeous and totally my style - high neck, geometric styling, monochromatic, perfect.

And then J. Crew told me that everything in their sale section is an extra 50% off.  Now I know I make fun of them for always having everything be an extra 30% off but this is a pretty good deal, and I can't remember the last time I saw them do anything higher than 40%.

I went for things I don't really have (unlike, ahem, plain black dresses) and so here's what I got:

Merino Tippi Sweater in Heather Caramel, $22.49 (originally $79.50).  I love this color - like a deep camel - and don't have enough clothing in it.  I do have a sweater in this color already but it's one of those big slouchy loose Vince ones so this is a different style that will fit in better with my work wardrobe.

Jackie Cardigan in Deep Rivera, $22.49 (originally $65.00).  Not as good of a deal but another color I am lacking in my wardrobe, and one that I think will look great over my multitude of black dresses.  A good basic and at $22.49 it's not so bad.

Keeper Chambray Chirt in Star Dot $19.99 (originally $89.50).  I don't have much chambray either and I love the sort of faded look of this button down.  I think it will be great with white jeans or a grey pencil skirt for work.

If you're not a small or a medium, lucky you and you have way more options in this sale.  Most colors of items are sold out in these sizes but in the extra extra- and extra- ranges there's lots more to choose from.

Today I am wearing, believe it or not, a (mostly) plain black dress and my new Boutique 9 Yendo loafers.  I love these shoes - they are unbelievably comfortable and add so much more to an outfit than a plain black ballet flat would.

rag and bone long sleeved suiting dress || hue sweater tights || kate spade scatter necklace (similar here)
details of the dress that you can'r see in the pic because it's plain black but actually make it pretty cute!  
I need to stop buying black dresses.  New resolution - no more black dresses.  Why are they so tempting?  What is it that keeps me coming back?  I don't know, but I need to cut them off.  Cold turkey.

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