Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pale Pewter Paisley

The anxiety from having made the massive commitment that is choosing a shore house has settled, and I still feel good about my decision.  Now I just need to up my workout routine and down my junk food routine, so I hope that having sent a check in will be good motivation.

I recently discovered the brand Laveer, started by the fashion director at Shopbop (who I've now found is also gorgeous on top of successful and stylish), Kate Ciepulch.  They make amazing jackets, the kind that make an outfit, and I have been lusting over them for a bit but at $400+ per jacket they're definitely more than I would spend.

But then, naturally, I was searching for ways to find them somewhat cheaper, and I found a huge selection of brand new Laveer from Linda*s***Stuff on eBay.  Linda's Stuff is a well known and highly regarded consignment seller, and apparently now she's buying up wholesale items as well.  On top of the jacket I'm wearing today (which I got for $40 by making a Best Offer), I ordered this wool and boxy one which was $750 and is still selling for $250 at Neiman Marcus!

pretty excited to get this one

I highly recommend you check out the selection of these jackets on eBay, the one I've already received is insanely good quality and wholesaled at $195, so these are incredible prices for them.

laveer savoy silk paisley blazer (similar here) || t. babaton striped bateau neck 3/4 sleeve tee (similar here and on sale) || vince ponte skinny pants || boutique 9 yendo loafer || balenciaga RH black city bag 

michael kors layton two tone watch (all gold version here) || j. crew leather glitter bracelet

kjl by kenneth jay lane pave chain necklace (similar here)

Another thing I received in the mail today - a little camera bag I bought for $10 from Hong Kong! It's very cute and I'm happy with it, even though it's obviously not real lather.  It fits my camera and an extra lens perfectly, and it really all I need to walking around when I only plan on bringing my camera or my camera won't fit into my bag.

My coworkers just came in (finally)... Looks like it's time to do some work.

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  1. Seriously perfect outfit... all the way down to the Chinchilly nailpolish :)