Saturday, February 1, 2014

Post Polar-Vortex

It reached 40 degrees today and it feels like summer.  Well, almost.

One of the worst things about selling a house is having to get out of the house really quickly when the realtor calls to say she's bringing someone by, and be sure you left the place in good shape.  At some of the houses we've seen, I've seriously wondered how anyone is even living there because the kitchens and surfaces have absolutely nothing out of place.  I mean, they can't just do that every morning before they leave for work, can they?  Maybe I'm a slob.

Our viewers appreciated my cookies so maybe this is something I will do more frequently, if that encourages any of you to maybe buy it.  This is our view:


So we had to leave this morning and decided to walk over to the National Lighthouse Museum (which is actually just old abandoned buildings) and take some pictures and get some stuff for dinner.  We were almost there when I realized I forgot the SD Card for my camera in my computer.  How does everyone remember this?  It goes right in on my work computer so nothing looks out of place.  I forget silly little things all the time and it's so frustrating!  And then on top of that the grocery store didn't have snow peas which were apparently a necessity for tonight's planned dinner.

Once the people were done viewing, I ran upstairs to get my memory card so we could at least take some pictures on the grounds.  My mom is getting into this photographer thing - she particularly likes the picture I feel most awkward taking which are the ones where I am looking away.  I just don't get it, why would I look away if someone is taking my picture?

Sweater: Theory // Tank: Theory // Jeans: Rich and Skinny // Shoes: Tory Burch // Bag: Balenciaga Chevre RH City // Necklace: KJL by Kenneth Jay Lane

Jacket: Vince Crew Neck Leather Jacket // Scarf: Michael Kors (old from Saks Off Fifth) // Sunglasses: Vuarnet

It was so nice to not have to bundle up and wear earmuffs to just walk around a bit!  As much as I love this sweater for its warmth and the hole it fills in my wardrobe, I had to get rid of it today.  It got so pill-y that when I removed the pills after coming back inside I ended up with small holes!  Loose knit + pilling fabric = bad news for someone like me.  


  1. Love that scarf. You look freezing. I am so ready for spring.
    xx, Michelle

  2. Love your outfits and the view from your house is gorgeous!

    Thanks for the follow on Bloglovin! Your blog is amazing :)

    Love Emma xx