Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day

So I woke up to this:

new york city snow

and realized I definitely, definitely wasn't going in today.  This time I am determined to go clear off my car some time before I actually need to leave for work - my 45 minute ordeal last time in a skirt and flats using a borrowed shovel from the pickup truck next door (don't worry, I left him a note offering homemade cookie delivery) was really one of the worst ways to start a day I can think of.

My penguins seem happy in this, at least.

penguin stickers in snow

So since I am still wearing pink and green pajama pants and a t-shirt, here's what I bought that came in the mail yesterday:

boutique 9 yendo loafer and dv lissa flat
boutique 9 yendo loafer in 'black' ($45 from $150) || boutique 9 yendo loafer in 'natural' ($45 from $150) || dv by dolce vita lissa smoking flat ($30 from $79 but now they're down to $26.29)

alice and olivia vanessa dress
alice + olivia employed vanessa seamed dress ($15.49 from $246)

I am pretty excited to have some non-ballet slipper type flats in my collection, though I may return one of the Boutique 9 pairs just because they are the exact same style.  Boutique 9 flats are consistently comfortable because they don't come to a point at the heel like so many others do, inexplicably.  I am excited for this dress too, it will be cute with a jacket during the day but the back v-neckline is sexy and unexpected, easily bringing it into nighttime.

And, as I promised myself, when I hung up the dress I took something out (a sweater) to get rid of, so no guilt about taking up the very little space that's left with another black dress!

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