Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunday's Open Houses

Since I am trying to find a new place closer to my work (yes, I am abandoning New York for New Jersey), my mother and I have been hitting up open houses on Sundays as we can.  They are less pressure than making appointments and give you a better feel for a place because you can soak it in on your own rather than having a real estate agent constantly asking you what you think and what you're looking for instead.

We saw the most beautiful townhouse in Livingston that, with an offer on this place, I would absolutely love to own.  It even had an elevator!  I took a few small sly pics of the kitchen and the dual-faced fireplace in the living/dining room.

Everything about it was perfect: dark wood floors, minimal carpeting, big open floor plan, two car garage, big kitchen with a counter to sit at.  We saw this first so of course nothing else really compared.  I hope it's still available by the time an offer comes in here, maybe even with a little price cut.

I just keep thinking of how nice it would be to have an easy 30 minute commute with minimal serious traffic delays as well as not having to pay $18 per day in tolls.  Think of all the clothes I could buy!

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