Monday, February 17, 2014

Tall Girl Troubles

These jeans are supposed to be full length and we even advertised as being "longer length".

look at those poor, bare ankles

What can I do?  I own maybe one pair of jeans that's definitely long enough for me.  I own very few pairs of work pants that are long enough, and that's even worse because I can't wear boots with them to cover up the fact that they're way too short.

My mother is 5'2" so it's funny seeing the clothing she tries to buy me for Christmas.  She's not used to looking at the length of things because it's never been an issue, but I'll hold up a dress she bought for me that's supposed to be for work and she'll see it next to my body and suddenly realize it's barely even tunic length.

I've never understood why men's pants come in different lengths but women's don't.  Certainly there's the same variation in standard women's heights (say, 8 inches from 5'2" to 5'10") so why wouldn't there be different length options?  Some stores now offer "tall" length pants as opposed to just petites (and really, what was up with that? Discrimination, that's what), but of course they're only available online so you can't even try them on to make sure they fit first.

theory sweater || rich and skinny coated jeans || fendi chameleon || dv by dolce vita lissa flats

michael kors everest watch

j. crew enamel bangle || alex woo dice bracelet

  • I was always right smack in the middle in class pictures, even on days I forgot we had a class picture being taken and wore my basketball practice clothes to school.
  • I was taller than every boy except that one weird guy until about junior year.  And even after that I was still taller than most of them
  • I got made fun of a lot and to this day remain sensitive to jokes about my femininity (or lack thereof)
  • My neighbors called me a "barbarian" frequently which did not do wonders for the self esteem.  That was also because of the pale skin dark hair combo (thanks for all the great genes, mom and dad!)
  • I was terrible at ballet and gymnastics and other things requiring you to be petite and compact and graceful
  • Finding a dress for my First Communion was miserable, as was finding something age appropriate for any occasion thereafter.  The juniors section is no place for a second grader!
  • I was taller than my mom and my teacher in the third grade.
  • I could never borrow clothes from friends
  • When friends talked about their weight I always felt awful because obviously with me being 6 inches taller I weighed more and couldn't even reasonably reach some of the goal weights they discussed
  • Guys like tiny petite girls. I can understand why, and I bet if I was a guy I would too.  It just sucks for me.

But I can't complain too much, at least I can reach the top shelf in most cabinets.  It could be worse.

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  1. Don't worry about your height! You are so pretty and I love your outfit! I want your hair haha! x