Friday, February 7, 2014

The Color Orange

Maybe you have noticed, maybe you haven't, but my living room is orange.  It is bright and deep and truly orange.  It makes it hard to take pics in there because my camera can't tell what the fuck is going on and the auto-white balance gets all screwed up.  I played around with changing the color levels to try and tone down the orange and show the actual colors of my clothes in all of these except for the last one.  Do we think it worked or does it now just look weird?  PS how pretty is the color of the water and the sunrise behind me in the first pic? We have such gorgeous views it's a shame the sun ruins them in pics most of the time!

theory walsa semi-sheer sweater (similar here) || lafayette 148 bleecker pants || bcbgeneration tinas pumps (similar here and here) || balenciaga black RH chevre city bag || theory tank || j. crew bangle (similar here) || michael kors layton two tone watch || essie "mesmerized" nail polish

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My boyfriend got back from Thailand last night so he's coming over later and I am going to make him dinner, dessert and drinks so I am sure there will be pictures of that coming, too.  I am mainly just excited for the weekend - my inability to focus is making me frustrated and irritable and I'm hoping to just start over again next week.

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  1. You look really beautiful! Love this look... Simple but chic at the same time! I also love the colour of your nails! What a blue!! <33