Friday, February 28, 2014

The One That Got Away

Back around 2010, I had a passionate love affair with the Vince Paper Leather Draped Jacket.  I sought it out everywhere, I touched it and put it on every chance I got, I Googled it obsessively, but it was never actually mine.  I was in school then and dropping $1000 on a jacket just was not going to happen (frankly, it wouldn't happen now either), so my lust was never fully satisfied.  Then, maybe two years after this all started, I was in a TJ Maxx and spotted it - the jacket of my dreams.  The problem?  It was an extra small, way too tight in the shoulders for me.  But there was an alternative, there was a grey suede jacket in the same style and I bought it immediately figuring it was good enough.

It wasn't.  It didn't satisfy my needs at all (plus my then boyfriend made fun of it), and so I returned it and continued looking.  A year or so after that, I saw the perfect jacket in another TJ Maxx, this time in Dallas, and it was even on clearance.  I tried it on and loved it, but it all felt anticlimactic.  I had tried this same jacket on so many times, lusted after it so intensely, that when it was finally within my reach it was like "oh, that's all?".  I looked at myself in the mirror.  I looked the same, just now with this jacket on.  I wasn't transformed into Lauren Conrad or whoever I felt like this jacket would make me back then, I was still regular me.  I put it back and didn't buy it, telling myself I've gone three years without it so I don't need it now.

I regret that everyday I go to put on my Vince draped leather jacket and then realize I don't own one because I had this romantic fantasy about it that it didn't live up to.  It was me, it wasn't the jacket.  The jacket was perfect, it just wasn't the right time for me.  Or something.

I am determined not to let that happen with the Vince jacket below.  It's gorgeous and I want it ASAP and I'm still not going to spend $1000 on it but I feel fairly confident I will possess it pretty soon.  And then I will appreciate it for what it is - a gorgeous jacket, and not the key to finding self confidence.

  1. J. Crew Merino Zip Shoulder Sweater, $79.50.  A twist on a classic, I love the Dark Artichoke, Oatmeal Stone and Ivory colors.
  2. J. Crew Collection Featherweight Cashmere Long Sleeve Tee in Varsity Stripe, $228.  I really like the stripes on the sleeves of this otherwise basic cashmere tee; it could make an otherwise plain outfit feel new and interesting.
  3. Vince Leather Scuba Shawl Collar Jacket in Blush, $995.  Vince leather jackets are the best and this one appears to be no exception - the blush color is perfect for spring and the super-soft lightweight leather makes it ideal for the weather.
  4. Essie Fashion Playground.  Described as a "plucky pistachio green shimmer", I think maybe this could be what all the Hamptons polishes promised but weren't.  Plus, I love me a good bluish green.
  5. Alice + Olivia Silk/Lace Crop Top, $176.  I haven't been able to get into the crop top trend so far but I can see myself doing it with this one.  The conservative cut in the front is perfect for me while the lace back keeps it from being too stuffy (or, as stuffy as a crop top can be anyway).  I would love this with a long pleated maxi skirt.
  6. Equipment Sleeveless Slim Signature Blouse, $178.  Equipment makes gorgeous silk blouses and this one does not disappoint.  I love the dusty rose color and the way it looks with white jeans.
  7. Theory Holleen Pencil Skirt, $78 (on sale!).  A crisp white pencil skirt completes any business casual outfit and makes your blah black blazers look a little more appropriate for the season.  I love this one.
What is everyone else lusting after for spring?

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