Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Usual Suspects

I have this a bad habit of always reaching for the same things when I get dressed.  Most of my pairs of jeans go unworn because they are neglected in favor of the three I like the best; same goes for sweaters, purses, tops, etc.  This outfit is basically that bad habit in a nutshell.

iro bianca sweater || rag and bone the legging in olive || fendi chameleon || kate spade scatter necklace || dv by dolce vita lissa flat

ncla "rode drive royalty" nail polish

boyfriend's first attempt as photog!

I got this nail polish in my last Popsugar Must Have box and I have to say, I was super disappointed by the quality.  It goes on well but was chipping by the next morning, something that doesn't typically happen so quickly for me.  It was nice to try but I definitely won't be buying any other polishes from this brand, a shame since most Popsugar items I've received have encouraged me to buy more.  Especially the Rice Krispie treat in the October box from The Crispery.  I've put myself on a bit of a clothing spending ban but that doesn't extend to ordering gourmet Rice Krispie treats, right?  I'm gonna go with no.

Last night was okay - we went out to dinner and then were going to go out but ended up not after my boyfriend had a little fall on the ice.  I don't blame him, it just would have been nice to go out.  I wasn't even that into it in the first place but right when I had resigned my fate and started getting into the idea, I find out he no longer wants to go.  Seems like that's always how things go for me.


  1. I think everyone has their go-to outfits when they are having a lazy or rushed day! I know that I do and I love just wearing some comfortable leggings with a nice baggy jumper so I can keep nice and warm in the winter months! I love this outfit on you and it definitely looks very comfortable and warm!


  2. This is a lovely outfit! x