Saturday, February 1, 2014

To All the Carrie Bradshaws...

...who are convinced New York is where they are meant to be, let me tell you that we welcome you to our city with open arms.  I promise it is everything Sex and the City told you it would be.

It's a place brimming with class and uniqueness and luxury...

...and I promise you'll fit right in with all the exasperated men and women in suits and the young ladies at the Gansevoort Rooftop praying a man will by them a drink because they sure as hell can't afford one.

On Bloglovin' I just encountered a young lady whose blog announces the fact that "New York is where [she is] meant to be".  I gagged a little bit.  Stop idealizing this city and idolizing the people in it!  It's a place where the people who work can barely afford to live, an island for the rich to have apartments in but not spend their money in or pay their taxes in and occasionally create traffic jams while their chauffeurs block streets unloading luggage from the latest extended trip, ignoring the plebeians behind them trying to get places.  The people here are transplants from other cities - the most egregious example is that those that best embody the "Brooklyn" aesthetic are those that never went there until five years ago - and this is pretty much a regular place except that there's a Disneyworld right smack in the middle around 42nd street, but hey, Orlando has one of those too.

I have written before about my feeling about Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City, and how she changed my generation,but it wasn't until joining Bloglovin' that I really saw in words this effect.  Girls who say they're a Carrie, girls who say they would do anything to get to New York; to them I'd say be yourself, don't compare yourself to a fictional character who lived for men and shoes, and try to forge your own path, figuring out what you want to do and not just accepting what that fictional character said you should do.  Remember that all the fictional shows based in New York are just that - fictional - and you shouldn't do anything to get there because when you do you'll find that it isn't the place you thought it was, and you've just given up everything to live out someone else's dream that never even could have been a reality in the first place.

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