Friday, February 21, 2014

Traffic Frustration Addendum

I use the app Waze almost every time I drive. It's incredible for avoiding traffic but, as I was reminded today, it is the absolute worst app to use when you have not successfully avoided traffic and are stuck in it. 

"Watch out: heavy traffic ahead!" Waze-lady says as I sit there in the heavy traffic she's trying to warn me about. No shit, lady; I'm going two miles per hour. 

"Rain reported ahead!" she cries smugly, as if maybe it's raining 50 feet in front of me and not on me right now and I need to be warned about the impending weather. She's so excited about letting me know how bad my ride is about to get, and it's infuriating. 

I know I'm shooting the messenger but maybe the only thing worse than traffic is someone telling you there's traffic while you're sitting in the same damn traffic they speak of.  

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