Monday, February 17, 2014

Watchlist: Neutrals

I can't even believe it's supposed to snow again tomorrow. My two friends are going to look at some more shore houses for us, it looks like at least one person has now definitely backed out which is annoying because it means all the places we've seen are now out of our price range and so going to see them was basically for nothing, but whatever.  I am pushing for a one bedroom cottage now because for me, cleanliness trumps size when we're looking at these houses and generally the smaller ones are better kept, probably because it's easier.

  1. Parker Kelly Dress in Black, size M, sold by BHFO; currently $12.50 and retails for $308.  Ends 2/18 at 7:36 PM.
  2. ALC Boucle Cardigan, size L, sold by prettydealsllc; currently $39.99 and retails for $395.  Ends 2/19 at 7:00 PM.
  3. Balenciaga Agneau Envelope Clutch in Gris Ciment (??), sold by addingtonred; currently $850.  Emds 2/27 at 10:02 PM.
  4. Sachin + Babi Lucerne Ivory Lamb Wool Leather Sleeve Jacket, size 6, sold by BHFO; currently $102.50 and retails for $650.  Ends 2/20 at 11:41 AM.
  5. DKNY Lamb Leather Ponte Paneled Dress, size 6, sold by BHFO; currently $2.25(!)and retails for $995.  Ends 2/21 at 11:41 PM. *
  6. Rachel Roy Cord Wool Cap Sleeve Dress in Black, size 6, sold by BHFO; currently $3.25 and retails for $398.  Ends 2/19 at 8:21 PM.
I love, love this Parker dress.  If I wasn't on a self imposed black dress ban, I would absolutely go for it.  I hope one of you gets it, it is just so cute and versatile.  The jacket with leather sleeves here is super cute too, although the price is getting pretty high pretty quickly.  The leather and ponte dress is kind of a risk because they don't show a pic of the front of the dress but I found it online and I'm sure this is it based on the price tag, and hopefully this means that the price will stay low enough to keep it reasonable since people will be apprehensive about buying something they can't see.  I am probably going to go for this one, please no one else outbid me!

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