Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wishing For... February Version

It seems crazy that a whole month of 2014 is already gone.  The spring clothing has been out for what seems like forever now but today I decided to give it a more serious look (even though my version of spring clothing seems to look a lot more like fall...can't get away from those dark neutrals!).

  1. IRO Regan Distressed Tweed Jacket from MATCHESFASHION, $244 (originally $488).
  2. Kris Nations New Mexico Pendant Necklace on eBay, $10.
  3. Vince Asymmetric Mixed Media Vest in Coastal from, $625.
  4. Kenneth Cole Leopard Pumps at KennethCole, $49.99 (originally $119)
  5. Kelsi Dagger Evonna Brown Laced Booties from eBay, $41.99.
  6. Vince Paper Leather Scuba Jacket in Charcoal from, $995.
  7. Thakoon Addition Leather A-Line Skirt from Lyst, $302 (originally $728).
I bought my first IRO item a few weeks ago and loved the quality of it so much, I've been lusting after more.  Unfortunately the prices are a little high for impulse buys so I haven't gotten anything else yet, but I've been keeping my eye on their gorgeous jackets and hope to get one soon when I see a good price.

I know I mentioned this here once before but New Mexico is a very special place for my mother and I.  The past few Februaries we took vacations in Santa Fe, so this month makes this cute little pendant even more attractive to me.  I like the idea of being able to have the state close to my heart at all times.  So far there's no trip planned for this february but maybe there will be an impromptu one.

If you have never felt Vince leather, you need to.  It is absolutely divine - buttery soft and smooth, fits the body amazingly well by holding its shape but not being stiff - it's the best.  I love their new vest especially in this navy blue color, but the regular Paper Leather Scuba Jacket in charcoal is tempting me a lot.  For years (literally, years) I was obsessed with their drape front leather jackets but just never found the right one at the right price, seeing as I was still in school then.  I never ended up getting one and it's been a major regret of mine any time I see someone wearing one; I do not intend to let this jacket become that regret!

Brown booties and leopard pumps will definitely fill out some holes in my wardrobe, and the way I've seen some bloggers pairing their A-line leather skirts with sweaters is making me feel like that's really a hole in my wardrobe I wasn't even aware of until a week ago.

What are you dying to buy?

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  1. Thank you! I'm so glad the hair tutorial was great inspiration for you :) I am following yours via blogger now too!

    Hollie x