Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I have put myself on something of an unofficial spending ban lately.  Sometimes I find myself shopping and buying new things just for that initial adrenaline rush of something new and not only is it indicative of a deeper issue, it's not good for my wallet.  It's just wasteful and pointless and I don't want to be wasting money on frivolous things.

Not buying a lot and the swelling of my bank account as a result has made me start to lust for more expensive things, "investment pieces" as those in the fashion world would call them even though they're a terrible investment (find a good startup instead!).

I want a Fendi 2Jours so bad that it hurts.  Any time I spot someone with one I feel like it makes their whole outfit look infinitely more put together and classy.  I am currently scoping out the olive green, scarlet, and dove grey shades but honestly I would take anything.  I just love everything about it and wish they were just a teensy bit less expensive (i.e. under $2000) so I could convince myself it's not a crazy amount to spend on a bag.  When did bags get so expensive anyway?  I guess it's to add to the desire for exclusivity that a bag like the Birkin offers but I certainly can't justify spending the equivalent of a mortgage payment on a purse right now.

Another beauty I've had my eye on is the Yves Saint Laurent Cabas ChYc Tote, which comes in just under $2,000 at $1,895.  I wanted this bag for a long time but then decided against it because of the lack of a longer strap (really, the 2Jours is perfect) but I'm really into the look of it again lately.  It is slightly less expensive but even spending $1,895 on a second choice feels insane.  Plus, who knows if I'll even be satisfied if I get one of them!  The problem with looking at fashion blogs, which I have been doing a lot of lately, is that it makes you so friggin' covetous of everything, and envious of other people's positions in life where they can have all of these nice things.  Maybe one day I'll be able to just buy them all without a second thought, but for now I'm saving up and hoping that this intense infatuation passes.  

It's really very, very intense right now.  I've Googled and ogled these bags more than I did my boyfriend when he still didn't know my name yet.  If this was 2002, I'd have an AIM alert set to notify me when the 2Jours signed online.  If the 2Jours had feelings and autonomy, it might even be afraid and take out a restraining order against me.  It's bad.

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