Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Can't Keep this Spending Ban Thing Up,

certainly not with 15% off at Sephora starting Sunday.

My friend texted me last night about the VIB Rouge event this coming weekend, expressing her desire to attend the closed-door shopping event.  I was relieved because not only was I way too embarrassed to ask someone to come with me, I would have been even more embarrassed to attend alone.

I haven't bought any makeup in a while.  For a long time, I spent way too much on makeup and amassed a collection so large I could never successfully finish any part of it (hence the VIB Rouge status).  I'm still using eyeshadows from 4+ years ago and blushes of the same age.  The only things that have changed really are my mascaras, because that would be gross, and my foundations, because those get used up and I rarely have more than one bottle going at once.

Alas, my beloved Sheer Glow is running low and rather than repurchase for the umpteenth time, I've been getting antsy to try something new in a lot of categories so I'm checking out my options beforehand so I have plenty of time to read way too many reviews on anything and thoroughly confuse myself.  Plus, at 15% off, why not?

1.  Yves Saint Laurent LE TEINT TOUCHE ECLAT Illuminating Foundation, $57

photo via Sephora

Reason I want to buy:  This friend I mention is quite the makeup connoisseur, so when she told me she had tried out this foundation and loved it, it really piqued my interest.  It appears to come in a ton of fair to light shades which is great for me as the pinky undertones of most light foundations don't really work with my coloring and make me look orange.  I'm a sucker for anything that claims to be illuminating and this is no exception.

Reason I haven't yet bought: it has SPF 19 sun protection which you'd think is a good thing, right?  Wrong.  This is typically what makes foundations flash white in photographs giving you a ghostly appearance similar to a bald eagle, and with my face always being lighter than the rest of my body (it restores to factory settings every night) this is a serious concern for me and not a good look.  Also, I thought Sheer Glow was expensive at $44 but $57?  I'd hate to fall in love and be repurchasing this all the time.

photo via Sephora

Reason I want to buy:  Since discovering the beauty and real-life photoshop effects of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders, I have really been into trying out more of their products.  Their Mineral Veil primer is one of the few I even bother to use (and I have lots to choose from), as it goes on super smooth and makes makeup application a breeze.  I imagine their foundation is similarly heavenly, especially if it calls itself immaculate, and am excited by the "liquid powder" description.  My skin is super oily but I'm not a fan of powder foundations because they're a mess to apply and take a long time, so it would be nice to have something that doesn't slide around on my face or make me look like an oil slick by 4:00.  Nars Sheer Glow has been good about not doing this but I have noticed that if I am going out after work I always need to reapply on my T-zone and chin (is the chin in the T-zone? I forget) because it all just fades away.

Reason I haven't yet bought:  I don't like looking too matte because it's just unnatural and mask-like, so this needs to be tried on in person to ensure that that isn't the case.  Also, the color description online make it seem like there are 4 shades that would be a potential match and at $55 I don't feel good about just buying a shade to try out and then returning it and letting it go to waste.

3.  Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, $35

photo via Sephora

Reason I want to buy:  Like I said, I'm on an Hourglass kick, and since this has the amazing Ambient Lighting powders blended in with the blush, I am inclined to think it's a great product.  The Ambient Lighting powders aren't quite highlighting powders but offer plenty of dimension, so mixing them with a blush seems like a great idea for giving you soft focus color that blends well and highlights what I think it the most important area of your face.  Cheek color helps you look alive and awake and happy and (counter-intuitively) keeps you from looking like you're wearing a lot of makeup.  There has been much hype about these blushes (as there was for the original Ambient Lighting powders) among beauty bloggers and I would love to see the kind of glow these offer in person.

Reason I haven't yet bought: I have read online that they aren't very pigmented, which is annoying in an expensive blush because it requires you to waste a lot of product to get the desired look.  I have also had a tough time picking out a color because in many swatches online, they all come out pretty similar in appearance.  Plus, I already have the Ambient Lighting powder in two shades and plenty of blushes I like; couldn't I just use both to get the same effect?

4.  Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector, $89 for 1 oz.

photo via Sephora

Reason I want to buy: I've talked about this stuff before.  It was a find from my sample drawer and I think it is now time to buy the big one.  I love it and it's one of the few skincare products that has made a noticeable difference for me.

Reason I haven't yet bought: That price.  Ugh!  Why is skincare so expensive?  It's hard because I think this has made a difference but what if the difference just happened to be happening simultaneously and it wasn't a result of this?  I wish there was some really good cheap alternative.

What is everyone else planning to get with their 15% off?  I'd love some eyeliner recommendations but I use it so infrequently I just have no idea what to look for!

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